P is for Psychiatrist


We visited a Psychiatrist on Saturday.

No nothing major or disturbing. Actually Husband has been going through a rough patch for past few months. He has been struggling with some of his personality traits which he feels need to be corrected a bit. At home we were having a lot of discussions around this for past few months. We had identified the problem and we knew the solution also; however on ground there was no change. Finally we decided, that it would be better to take some professional help. There are certain deep rooted behaviors which need time and help in order to be mended.

So, on Saturday we went to meet a Doctor at one of India’s best institutes which deals in human behavior and allied sciences.

We went there through a contact. Its a government institute and I was surprised to see that the place was swarming with people. There were long ques for appointment and outside each doctor’s chamber. Mostly people were from rural background and later we were told that a lot of people from the western UP belt visit the place. While we did not come across any violent patient, our contact told us that most patients are being treated for depression. It was good to see such awareness for such diseases.

I was a bit apprehensive about the meeting with the doctor. Unlike other diseases psychiatry, in my view is a bit complicated. Its not very easy to come across a doctor who is genuine, understands your problem, takes it seriously (especially in case like ours, where there is no disease pe se) and is not looking only at minting money! Since this was a government institute, the last possibility was ruled out, but still I had my doubts on the other points. Also, a couple of years ago, we met a Psychiatrist at Sir Ganga Ram hospital, in Delhi. I use to be in a state of confusion at that time, and wanted to meet a Psychologist. However, since I could not find one through reference, so opted for visiting a Psychiatrist only. The meeting was a complete disaster, as he just did not seem interested in my problem and considered it very trivial. That visit was a total time and money wastage!

However, this time we got lucky. The doc was a fairly young guy, who not only listened to our problem in detail, but also gave us enough time to put across our issues which we considered important. He asked questions, to both Husband and me, and after an almost 30 minutes discussion, guided us for the future course of action. He told us that generally it takes him 3-4 hours to collect the amount of information from the patients, which we supplied to him in less that 20 minutes. According to him, we know what the issue is, only slight help is needed to implement the solution now. As I said above, we had been discussing the issue for quite sometime now, and hence knew the problem part of it.

We were quite satisfied after meeting this guy.  It feels so good after meeting a good doctor! Like when I met K’s pediatrician, I was so relieved to have finally found a good doctor for my baby. You feel that you are in right hands now. At least, the help you need to get over the problem would be good, rest is all luck!

We are hopeful that this problem would get solved/ become lighter in coming days, after husband is through with the “treatment”. It will be a great thing for him. His life will become happier and simpler. Fingers crossed!


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