K’s Update

Ha! K is growing very fast!!

Everyday she learns a new word. It sometimes surprises me the extent to which she observes stuff!

She now knows the pooja place and always says “Jay” when we are near the pooja. Today we were standing at a momo stall, and the guy there had lit up a fragrant dhoop. She started doing Jay ..Jay..I was kinda surprised because she was not addressing anyone. Usually, she also says Jay while greeting people, when asked to. Then I noticed that she was looking at the dhoop and saying Jay…Jay..! She has seen a dhoop lit at my MIL’s pooja place. The little brain did the association and I was very surprised. Kids observe a lot; more than we think they do!!

She has also started showing interest in her books. I got her few picture books some months back. She never paid any attention to them, neither did I try to push her. Off late on her own, she has started spending time with these books. She opens them, looks at the pictures, browse through every page and usually spends around 10 – 15 minutes with them at a go! I am very happy..:) She also knows, which book is the waar (flower) book, which one has dojjy (doggy), which one has bhiyya (bhaiiya) and which one has diddi…:)

Certain traits of her personality are also becoming prominent now. She has started throwing tantrums (which I seriously do not know how to handle!!). She has this songs on demand program running through out the day. When she says..eeyaaeeyaa oo…she expects us to either play the rhyme or sing it, then mid way she starts singing peepeepeepee…and we are expected to switch to..”Raamlaal bhaiyya baaja bajaata”…when bored she starts..ha ha ha…and we are expected to start singing Johny Johny Yes papa..:D and this cycle is repeated at least once every hour. Her favorite one is eeyaeeyaooo though!

She looks at her picture on the wall and says..Kava..(her pronunciation of her name)…sometimes it becomes Kavaji..(my MIL taught her, her name with a ji). She has started recognizing all small boys as Bhiyaaa..and girls as diddi…Surprisingly, she identifies maids and calls them all auty! I am yet to make out how she is able to identify even our neighbor’s maid as Auty! Only maids are Auty for her, she never uses auty for any other female. Kids are intelligent!

She has learnt to descend from a bed/ sofa. Though has not yet started climbing. Today infact she got on to her rocker cum chair on her own and was supremely delighted after hopping on. She gave a broad smile to me after conquering the chair…a two teeth smile..:)

All in all, she is a total entertainment package these days. She is growing up very fast. I am thankful to God, that I have been able to experience all these precious moments of her growing up! God has been kind.


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