O is for O My God!!


Fellow bloggers, pls tell me how are you guys churning out such lovely posts day after day???

The clock is about to hit 12 here and I still do not have any single coherent thought in my head beginning with O!

I have ideas, but no energy or patience to type it..:( Am I the only one or mothers of one year olds are like this only. K does not give me even a single minute with myself. …

All these days when I was going to office were far better for my writing; at least I had few hours for myself where I could do stuff like thinking and writing a post!

With baby, there is no time to even think of what to write with the letter of the day!!

No I am not cribbing, I seriously want to go to the end of the challenge. I have taken challenges previously too, but have failed miserably! This time I want to take it to  the end.

Wish me all the luck. I will definitely come up with something more concrete in tomorow’s post!



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