N is for No Laptop


Yesterday was my last day at my company. I join new place on 6th of May. After a year long maternity break I joined back on the first of this month. However, since I already had found myself a new job, I quit in the first week. This place did a loy of good to me. I guess the time spent here would be my career’s best time till now. People had great things to say about me, the last day felt really amazing.  I promise to myself that I will give my best wherever I go! Recognition and appreciation feels good. I will write a more detailed post about my movement from current job and the reasons etc…but the point of this post is that I am typing this on my phone. Laptop got submitted yesterday and the personal one is out of order. Life without laptop is difficult!! Though smartphone is a close replacement as far as connectivity is concerned, but after a certain point it’s difficult to manage without a laptop. By the way..I would also use this post to update that before submitting the laptop, I managed to transfer all my contacts from my outlook to my android phone !! I was thrilled.  This is an achievement for me as I am generally technically challenged in most situations.  Off to sleep now. Hopefully tomorrow’s post would be from a proper machine.  Cheers…


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