L is for Lakdi ki Kaathi


which is my daughter’s favorite song these days. Thanks a lot Gulzar Saab for this beautiful creation of yours which has entertained generations after generations. I loved this song as a kid and now K is mad about it. You have to see the smile on her face the moment this song starts playing! and what a wonderful song it is!! I am never bored of listening to it. Sometimes I wonder, why are there so few songs written for children. This song came out way back in 1983, when I was two years old. Today after some 30 odd years, I have only this song from the bollywood list to go to when i want to cheer up my baby. Yes, we do have some odd songs here and there like chota bachcha jaan ke etc…but nothing compares to Lakdi Ki Kaathi!

I am a huge Gulzar fan. Many Many congratulations to him for winning Dada Saheb Phalke Award for 2013. I love everything about him, right from his original name (Sampooran Singh Kalra), to ALL his songs, to his voice, his rendition style…just everything! Thank You Gulzar Saab, once again for giving us Lakdi Ki Kaathi. With its takbak takbak, I am sure many more generations are going to relish this  beautiful composition!


2 thoughts on “L is for Lakdi ki Kaathi

  1. Great post. It is the go to song for me as well whenever I want to play something for my kids and they love it. Not that I like it any less. The rhythm is so lively and lyrics are hilarious. My younger one gets on top of me whenever it is played and start riding me like a horse :). I used to go to school in a Tonga ( horse cart) and the lines “ghore ki dum pe jo mara hathora, dora dora ghora dum utha ke dora” always bring me to a laugh as they remind me how our poor horse used to get whipped and accurately depict his reaction after getting his ass whipped lol :).

    • hey..hi..great to know that you use to go on a tonga to your school!! I remember in my town also, half of my school use to travel by tonga. I doubt it is used now, even in the old part of the city…and yes…the song is definitely amazing. The great Gulzar!

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