K is for Koffee with Karan

or as Husband calls it- Chai with Charan!!..:)


This is one show which I like. While I am not very fond of the host himself, I like the show overall. Some of the guests are totally entertaining and sometimes honest too. Its fun watching the show.

Here are the top few episodes from the show which I really liked.

1. The one with Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor.

This guys Ranveer Singh is a total entertainer. He rocked the couch with his fantastic performance. Be it the bit about his encounter with hot girls while his stay in the US, or his genuine hug to Arjun Kapoor when the latter talked about his personal life; the guy just rocks. He is among the rare bollywood celebrities we have who sound honest and believable. I love how this guy is so comfortable in his own skin and doesn’t need to be all pretentious to be a star.  As one of our friends calls him- he is a total “bhaand”- a word used for an entertainer in olden times.

I liked Arjun Kapoor’s part also. The way he spoke about his personal life, his father’s second marriage, his mom etc, it was one of the few times an actor was so open about his life and feelings in the show. I like this guy. Though on the acting front he still needs to work a lot, he sounds sensible otherwise.


2. The one with Hema Malini and Zeenat Amaan

I am not a very big fan of Hema Malini, except for her gorgeous looks which I really admire. Candid confession is the last thing I expect from actors of that era. But in this episode she got added in the list of cool stars who can admit about their affairs and flings and not make fake attempts to sound all pious and clean all the time. When asked about her affairs with some of her contemporaries, the graceful lady sounded all cool when she said- Whatever rumors were there were all true!! Even Karan looked all surprised, because that is not what you expect from the yesteryear’s divas!! ..:)

Oh, and what to say about Zeenat Amaan…the lady is elegance personified. Check out the part when they talk about directors trying to shoot scenes without the women knowing. The ladies are awesome!!


3. The one with Gauri Khan and Suzzanne Roshan

This episode was aired in one of the initial seasons. While I am not a big fan of either of the star wives, there was a discussion in the episode which has stayed with me forever. Gauri Khan talks about her relationship where she mentions how would she deal with her husband cheating on her. I loved her response!! Though I remember the gist of it, you guys must watch it here…

I was hugely surprised by Hrithik’s and Suzzanne’s divorce. How time changes…

4. The one with the Kapoor siblings

I am a big fan of Rishi Kapoor. This episode had Rishi, Randheer, Rajeev Kapoor and their sister Reema Jain.

Man, it was laughter riot! the way Reema Jain was hiding her nervousness by over speaking and loud participation, it was hilarious!! The Kapoor’s are an entertaining lot on and off screen both! Infact, I have watched a couple of other Rishi Kapoor’s interviews, and i really like his honesty and candidness.


5. The one with Madhuri Dikshit and Juhi Chawla

I love Madhuri Dikshit. On screen that is. Off screen, it is very difficult to sit through her over diplomatic approach. She is the queen of diplomacy! and this episode was a testimony to that. Thanks to Juhi Chawla, who made up for all the over sweetness being spread on the show. God! was she candid…she was plain honest! and I just loved her honesty. The way she accepted her insecurity for not accepting Karishma’s role in DTPH, for it had Madhuri in the lead role; or her larger than life image of her after the success of Darr, which led her to make many mistakes in choosing films. This lady is really sweet. Love her honesty. If only Mrs Nene could be a bit more herself, than trying to be extremely good all the time, except of course if she actually is that ways in real life too…which must be equally annoying anyway!!


Apart from the above I also liked the episodes with the Student of the Year gang. I like Alia Bhatt. She has a great on screen presence. The one with Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao, the chemistry which the couple shares is fabulous!!  the first episode of the show with SRK and Kajol was also good. They are a blast together. SRK of that era was quite tolerable also, and Kajol I guess has not changed much over time.

So here is my list. Which are your favorite episodes from the show??


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