Experiences from Mommyhood (Part 2)

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5. Right temperature for the newborn and mommy:

In India people have this assumption that a new born baby needs to be protected from low temperatures and the more covered she is the better for her. K was born in March. Due to the fear of exposing her to cold, we would not put her in AC even in April, when the temperature in North India is around 35 degrees. Both mommy and baby would spend the whole day in a hot room sans the AC. Then, around 12th April, I went to see my gynae for a follow up checkup and asked her about the right temperature for the baby. She suggested that AC in this weather is absolutely OK, if we maintain the temperature at around 25 degrees. That day we switched on the AC for the first time after K was born and man what a relief it was for both mommy and baby. For the first time K slept for 4 hours straight in the night!!! I had no clue that my little baby was having a disturbed sleep due to warm weather!

Lesson is that do not follow age old advises blindly. The seniors in the family may not always be right. They speak from their own experiences, but its always good to consult your doctor whenever you have any doubt. Then take a call basis whatever you feel is more appropriate. While I listened to my doc in the above case; there were times when I just listened to what my mom or aunt had to say. It was a matter of what looked best for me and K at that point in time.

Another word of caution. I had heard from older ladies in the family that post delivery, the mother should not expose herself to colder temperatures. In the long run this may lead to pains and aches in the body. Doctors do not say anything of this sort. However, one of husband’s aunts who herself is a doctor suggested that I be careful wrt colder temperatures at least for the initial few months after delivery. I listened to her advise and I guess she was right. Direct exposure to AC, fans did cause leg ache to me. I ensured that I stay covered when sitting in an air conditioned room or lying just below the fan. It helped.

This is pretty much the gist of my mommy experiences from the first three months.

At around three months you will see a sudden stability in baby’s behavior. The phase between 3- 6 months is pretty smooth as you have settled down more or less with the baby and the baby also starts showing semblance of more human behavior! She smiles, recognizes you and its easy to relate to her…:)

3- 6 months

This period was pretty smooth. I do not remember anything bothering me too much around this time. (except for my BF challenges ofcourse)

1. Bottle Usage

In case you are using bottle for feeding your baby, here are few things to keep in mind:

Buy the best brands available in market. I used Pigeon bottles. Whichever brand you use, ensure that you replace the nipples every month.

Also, the bottle itself should be replaced every 3-4 months. We did not change bottles until very late, when a cousin suggested that we should. A careful look at the bottles and I knew why. After repeated cleaning with brush and soap, the bottle develops scratches which can house germs. So a good idea is to have them replaced before they develop scratches.

2. Vaccination list

Though in pretty much all big cities, the doctors these days cover all vaccinations and you need not bother too much. But in relatively small towns and cities, some vaccinations may not be given. Reason is that some are not mandatory and are a bit expensive, hence doctors in small towns do not put them in their vaccination list. I was in my hometown for about 4 months after K was born. My ped was a renowned guy but he did not tell me about some of the non mandatory vaccinations.

However, my ped in Gurgaon did let me know of them and asked me if I wanted to administer them on K.

Honestly, I did not do much research and got K vaccinated. Thing is that one should know in advance what vaccine is available in the market, some of them are not relevant for India, but are needed if you plan to travel to Europe etc in near future. hence, a sound knowledge about vaccinations can be very important.

to be contd….


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