J is for Just Like That


To maintain continuity of the blogging challenge, this is a filler post. Download of my random thoughts:

1. My In laws are weird people. Sometimes I wonder if they could smile just a little bit more. They can watch a comedy channel with a complete straight face. They watch SAB TV mostly, shows like Chidiyaghar and Lapataganj, the makers would die if they peep into this house when the inmates are watching the shows!! No body laughs or even smiles. Both MIL and FIL watch with a straight face, as if it is some form of punishment!!

2. I join my new job on 6th May. After a year of staying at home with K, I am moving jobs and joining a new company in Gurgaon. I am so looking forward to the pay cheque in May…:) I was on leave without pay for the last six months.

3. K has developed a new (good) habit. The moment I switch off the lights at night, she is asleep within 10 minutes. She is now trained that dark room means no more scope for any fun and action. Its time to just shut eyes and doze off! I am a happy mother…:)

4. I applied for voting card on 12th March this year. The deadline was till 16th March I guess. But my name did not appear in the voting list and hence I could not vote…:( I was utterly disappointed to know this. I seriously wanted to exercise my voting right this year, but like many other things, here also I woke up at 11th hour and missed my chance. I am the only one to be blamed for this…

5.  We want to go for a holiday this summer. While I am keen on North East, I am not very sure if going there with K would be a great idea. I am still looking for locations where taking a 1 year old kid is OK, as in convenient.

6. I just realized that since my last working day in my current company is on Monday, that is 14th April; I will not have this laptop for the next couple of weeks!!! How will I continue with this blogging challenge…:( I can schedule some posts for the next couple of days, but for the remaining days how will I post?? Our personal laptop is out of order, and husband’s machine is hardly available!!! I need to think of something.

7. I need to get back on my reading habit. I have not read a single book since January I guess. Hopefully, this month will see me reviving the reading habit also for good.

8. Next month I celebrate my birthday. I will be 33 years. Mentally I am still somewhere half this age, but yes biologically I am approaching my mid thirties. I am feeling old as I type this…:(…:(

That is it for now! I could not of anything interesting with I. therefore I just skipped that post. Hopefully I will be able to fill that post later during the challenge.



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