F is for Favorite Blog


F is for my Favourite blog. I started reading blog sometime around 2007. In the past 6-7 years, I have read a lot of blogs. My favourite genre is humor. I love blogs which are humorous. Around 4-5 years back, a friend suggested that I read Sayesha’s blog. He told me about some incident from her blog which was quite amusing. I read the blog, but soon lost interest. Then around April 2011, I stumbled upon Sayesha.blogspot.com. There was a post about her daughter Xena’s birth. I read the complete series, and got hooked. That was the day when I became Sayesha’s fan!! Every single day, the moment I open my laptop, the first page which I open is FB followed by Sayesha. I am not a regular commenter there, but I simply LOVE her blog. Here I try to capture why:

  1. The blog is genuine and so is the person behind it I guess. She is a female who writing is honest. Honest to the core. Whether she writes about her college days or some incident from her family, her parents, her job, Singapore or more recently about her daughter Xena; she has a penchant for sounding nothing but just plain honest. It seems as if it just cannot get any more real than this. I love this feature of her blog. No attempts to sound overly positive, no (fake) attempts to portray awesome stuff, no pretentions…her place has a genuine vibe!  In April 2011 when I re- discovered her blog I spent a whole week just reading all her posts from the beginning and fell in love with the place..:)
  2. She is humorous! Even the most difficult of the situations, like the time spent with her daughter at hospital ( I seriously pray it gets wiped out from her blog and her life soon), when described by Sayesha, have a touch of humour, as soon as there is some hope.  Her writing style has the best humour among all the blogs I read.
  3. Her travel tales are simply awesome. I am yet to discover a blog where travelogues are so nicely handled. She wrote a series of posts on her visit to Pakistan few years back. That’s one of the best piece of work I have read on Pakistan by an Indian. (I am always on a lookout of write ups, books on Pakistan by Indians and have read a couple of them)
  4.  Sayesha had a premie daughter in 2011. Hers is one of the most difficult and inspiring journey of motherhood. Xena has some health problems due to which she is in and out of the hospital quite often. The grace and courage with which the blogger handles this part of her life; I can only take inspiration!! I mean, hers is one blog which has touched me so deeply, that thoughts of Xena stay with me even when I am not reading the blog. She often occurs in my prayers. And since the time I have become a mother myself, the respect for the mommy has increased manifolds!
  5. Her posts about Xena’s hospitalization and illness are worded so well that sometimes I wonder how can someone be so so balanced. Even while writing about the most difficult part of her life she is so mature and perfect in her description, its unbelievable at times!
  6. Her mommy posts these days are my favorite. He approach to bring up Xena is simple awesome. I am yet to find a more perfect mommy blog online. I am often found these posts to my mommy friends and online groups I am part of. The creative ways in which she engages her baby and the intelligent approaches she adopts while dealing with her, applause..appluase…!
  7. Another important reason why I feel very connected to the blog is- the fact that the blogger very seldom writes about the romantic part of her married life. Infact, she hardly had any major posts about her wedding. I kind of like this. I find this very similar. Even I am not a big fan of writing about the romantic/ mushy stuff from my personal life; even under anonymity. So that’s another reason while I feel more connected to her writing…:)

I am not sure if I have been able to capture everything what I wanted to write. But in short.. I love Sayesha.blogspot.com…:) Keep writing girl….

PS: In the above post I feel that I have mixed up the blog with the person, at places. Very difficult to write about a blog only with no references to the blogger’s traits, when the blog is a personal one.


9 thoughts on “F is for Favorite Blog

  1. Although she is my daughter in real life, she is my blog-mother. She introduced me to the world of blogging and taught me how to do it. Even now, when I find it difficult to properly insert a picture into my post, or face some other difficulties in blogging,I seek her help. I am in India and she lives in Singapore. The wife and I visit her occasionally. On a couple of such occasions she inspired and helped me to write some posts on Singapore and its beach.

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