D is for Driving


I have already written about how and why I finally decided to learn driving in an earlier post. Here I just want to jot down my experiences and learning from the month long driving class:

1. My driving coach- an uncle in his mid fifties was a funny man. He was a man of few words. During the whole month and a half, we would have hardly exchanged few lines except for when  he would give me instructions. When I met him for the fist time at his shop, he just came out, looked at me with a half smile and started walking towards the old Maruti 800 which was our learning vehicle. He came to know about my name when one day I had to call him to confirm the class timings!!

2. When we went to get my learning license made, the people there forgot to ask my blood group. As we were returning, they called up uncle to ask my blood group. Uncle looked at me and said..”Koi blood group vagerah hai kya?”…it was very difficult to curb my laughter!! and he said this with a complete straight face..:O

3. Uncle had a particular way of training. In the beginning (in fact, during almost all the classes), he would keep his right foot on the clutch. Above mine. The moment he felt that I was making a mistake he would start pressing the clutch and with it my poor foot too!!

4. Another weird thing was, that for the whole duration of training, we took the same route everyday. After a point it became so boring, that I thought i will ask him to take a different route. he did one day, and from next day on wards, again the same route! he was typical!!

5. Towards the end, one day when i reached his shop, he came out and another girl followed. She sat on the back seat. I assumed that she was some friend or relative of his and needed to be dropped en route. When we reached the point from where we use to take a U turn and drive back, uncle signaled that I keep driving. I was thrilled. I thought that since these are the last few days of training he wants me to do some extra kilometers, and may be the lady’s destination was even further. We kept driving, as he did not say anything. After around 5 kms, he asked me to turn the vehicle. I thought that the lady would get down here, and I would drive back from here. When I had turned the vehicle, he quietly said..”ab aap peeche chale jao..ye aayenge”…:O I was not only disappointed, but also amused at how he believed in giving only one line instructions and that too one at a time. He could have very well told me in the beginning that today both of you will be trained together or something! he was weird!!

While the uncle was funny and weird in his own way, I am thankful to him for finally enabling me to be able to drive. I feel so independent today, that I can just tuck K in her car seat and drive around the city, take her for play dates, take her to a mall, for her appointments and i no longer need to schedule everything according to husband’s availability!

Its one of the must have skills in today’s time!



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