C is for Cha Cha…

Yesterday when I was reading my favorite blog- Sayesha’s , I came to know of this April- A to Z challenge. One has to write 26 posts each starting with alphabets A to Z throughout the 26 days of the month.

Given the fact how the Feb blogging challenge was a huge disappointment for me, as I was barely able to write 10 post, i have still decided to ahead and participate in this challenge.

Since I have already missed the first two days, I will start today with “C” and see how far can I go…:)

All the best to me!


C is for Chai.


I am a non Chai drinker. Chai is not one of my habits. Though both my parents drink tea and hailing from the hilly state of Uttarakhand where tea is the most popular and loved beverage, sometimes even I am surprised how come we siblings did not get the habit of drinking chai. Our parents never encouraged us to drink tea. As kids, it was only milk for the children. Also, we were told that “chai peene se kaale ho jaate hain..”..:D and being the innocent kids we were, we believed it and refrained from drinking tea.

Though my sister now drinks tea as a habit, my brother and I are still non tea drinkers. Not that i have never tasted it, but if i were living alone, a 250 gms packet of tea leaves would serve the household for months altogether, that too if guests were there. Else, it would lay untouched.

Thankfully I am married to a guy who does not drink tea either. He takes only green tea and that too in the morning. However, he likes that tea to be prepared by me…:(. This was a major point of contention between us in the initial days. Since I had never woken up to prepare tea first thing in the morning, I use to find it extremely difficult to drag myself out of the bed to prepare tea for Husband ( Not that he believes in wife preparing tea for husband in the morning and always, but this is one comfort he really wishes to enjoy).  After many fights and negotiations, i arranged for a electric kettle, sugar and dips in the bedroom itself so that the tea making process becomes easy in the morning, however, even that did not survive long…and now after K has come in our lives, Husband has accepted the fact that morning tea has to be his business only. …:)

Since I do not drink tea, till the time we had K, there use to be occasions and quite often that too, that there was no milk in our household. Having the fridge stocked with milk always was not a must. Hence, there were occasions when tea loving friends would drop home and there would be no milk for tea…:) One of our close family friends would first call and inquire if we had milk at home for tea or else they should buy some for us on their way…:)

Many people are utterly surprised when they come to know that I do not drink tea. Tea is the main beverage in north India. I do not think if the consumption of tea is even related much to the extreme weather conditions here. Those who love their tea drink it no matter what the weather says. Surprisingly I am not even a big coffee fan. Infact I do not like coffee at all. Between the two I would still select tea. I guess the maximum amount of tea I would have consumed is when I was in Chennai doing my masters. I somehow love the South Indian tea…:) Yes I know, coffee is the more famous of the two beverages there, but I somehow find the tea more delightful. At least the one which we use to get in the Tiffany’s inside the campus. It was sheer delight. Having a mid night snack..an idly or vada with authentic Chennai sambhar and a hot glass of tea….its just bliss!

I know of a lot of people who cannot start their day without their cup of tea. I am happy that tea is not a part of my life, else it would have delayed the beginning of my already late mornings even further…:D

K has somehow started recognizing tea quite early. My in-laws are major tea enthusiasts.  So every 2-3 hours there has to be circulation of tea. K tried to touch the hot cup a couple of times. My SIL told her, its hot hot…do not touch. She touched the hot cup slightly and immediately withdrew her hand…Now every time someone drinks tea in front of her, she immediately breaks into..”Cha..Cha…”…but runs away from the cup the moment you offer her that. the association of the cup with hot has been firmly established in her head. I do not want to inculcate the chai habit in her. Hopefully, given the no tea background in our household, she would be a non tea person too!


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