R is for Rani Mukherjee


As I opened the page to type a post with R, news flashed that Rani Mukherjee got married to Aditya Chopra in Italy last night. After lot of speculations and rumors of their being already married, the couple finally tied the knot. I am huge bollywood fan. Not only movies, but I am generally aware of all gossips I can lay my hands on about the people of bollywood. Therefore my admiration for the actors in bollywood comes from my liking for their performances as well as their general conduct which I gather from interviews, magazines, TV etc. Like, I am a huge Madhuri Dixit fan, huge as in HUGE. I love her immensely, and die for her dance. However, when I came to know that she danced at the Saifai Mahotsav for the UP government; I did not like it. I expected more responsible behavior from Mrs Nene. Anyway, since the time I had heard about Rani – Aditya relationship, I kind of stop admiring the actress. He was a married man after all. I know this is very common in B- town, but it still forces me to think why do these women chose already married men to get marrried to? I mean I know they “fall in love”, but at the cost of what? A broken home! Just like Sridevi did. I saw Arjun Kapoor’s interview in Koffee with Karan, and I really felt bad for the guy.

I know this is a very complicated topic and may be I am being judgmental  here as I do not even know these people personally; but at this stage in life such marriages look very wrong to me. If given a chance, someday I would definitely like to do some research on what goes on in mind of such people.

R is also for Ranveer Singh. Now this is a guy I really like. Among all the new guys in the industry these days, I find this one really different. He is a riot on screen. Be it the movies or chat shows or any award functions, he is a delight to watch always! The spontaneity and jest he displays in his performances at award functions, he is the most paisa vasool actor of current times. I loved his first movie Band Baaja Bride. I thought that he was from either Delhi or some place in Western UP. When I discovered that he is a Bandra boy, I was totally surprised. Everything about him in the movie was so very real!! Any award functions he hosts..he is without any inhibitions, any pretensions..he is a total Bhaand! Wish he keeps entertaining like this for a long time…


Q is for Queen


Q is for Queen. While I have already done a review of the movie earlier on this blog. There is still something more which I want to say about the movie.  I wish the movie had come earlier, when I had a heartbreak few years back. I sometimes wonder, why did it takes movie makers so long to come out with a story, which shows how things actually should be. Why it is absolutely incorrect to portray love/ relationships as the only goal of a woman’s  life.  Yes, companionship is important, but nothing in this word is important than you! Your happiness. And happiness ideally should not be a function of whether you have a guy in your life or not. If there is one, and you are happy with him, great! Else, finding The One, should not be the sole purpose of life. I believe in marriage very firmly; the companionship aspect of it.  But finding this companion should not be the only reason for one’s existence. Yes, its very very important to have a partner for life time if you believe in having one, but then this is not ALL life is about. Life has many many more facets and exploring them all is what a full life is about. Keep living life, experiencing it, and all good things will happen in good time. And even if they do not, it is not the end. After watching Queen I feel, how wrong were the messages being propelled by even the best of Bollywood films all these years. A guy dumps you, do not worry, happiness will return in the form of another guy! and when its happens, it is The happy ending! Gosh! it sounds so incorrect now. Be it Geet of JWM or Pooja of DTPH, happiness= a man by your side. I am so glad that someone out there decided to write Queen. Thank You so much Mr Story Writer. I hope that we have many more films like this in the coming days and years. Given the tremendous impact Bollywood has in our lives, I am sure the society’s outlook will also change in due course of time.

K’s Update

Ha! K is growing very fast!!

Everyday she learns a new word. It sometimes surprises me the extent to which she observes stuff!

She now knows the pooja place and always says “Jay” when we are near the pooja. Today we were standing at a momo stall, and the guy there had lit up a fragrant dhoop. She started doing Jay ..Jay..I was kinda surprised because she was not addressing anyone. Usually, she also says Jay while greeting people, when asked to. Then I noticed that she was looking at the dhoop and saying Jay…Jay..! She has seen a dhoop lit at my MIL’s pooja place. The little brain did the association and I was very surprised. Kids observe a lot; more than we think they do!!

She has also started showing interest in her books. I got her few picture books some months back. She never paid any attention to them, neither did I try to push her. Off late on her own, she has started spending time with these books. She opens them, looks at the pictures, browse through every page and usually spends around 10 – 15 minutes with them at a go! I am very happy..:) She also knows, which book is the waar (flower) book, which one has dojjy (doggy), which one has bhiyya (bhaiiya) and which one has diddi…:)

Certain traits of her personality are also becoming prominent now. She has started throwing tantrums (which I seriously do not know how to handle!!). She has this songs on demand program running through out the day. When she says..eeyaaeeyaa oo…she expects us to either play the rhyme or sing it, then mid way she starts singing peepeepeepee…and we are expected to switch to..”Raamlaal bhaiyya baaja bajaata”…when bored she starts..ha ha ha…and we are expected to start singing Johny Johny Yes papa..:D and this cycle is repeated at least once every hour. Her favorite one is eeyaeeyaooo though!

She looks at her picture on the wall and says..Kava..(her pronunciation of her name)…sometimes it becomes Kavaji..(my MIL taught her, her name with a ji). She has started recognizing all small boys as Bhiyaaa..and girls as diddi…Surprisingly, she identifies maids and calls them all auty! I am yet to make out how she is able to identify even our neighbor’s maid as Auty! Only maids are Auty for her, she never uses auty for any other female. Kids are intelligent!

She has learnt to descend from a bed/ sofa. Though has not yet started climbing. Today infact she got on to her rocker cum chair on her own and was supremely delighted after hopping on. She gave a broad smile to me after conquering the chair…a two teeth smile..:)

All in all, she is a total entertainment package these days. She is growing up very fast. I am thankful to God, that I have been able to experience all these precious moments of her growing up! God has been kind.

P is for Psychiatrist


We visited a Psychiatrist on Saturday.

No nothing major or disturbing. Actually Husband has been going through a rough patch for past few months. He has been struggling with some of his personality traits which he feels need to be corrected a bit. At home we were having a lot of discussions around this for past few months. We had identified the problem and we knew the solution also; however on ground there was no change. Finally we decided, that it would be better to take some professional help. There are certain deep rooted behaviors which need time and help in order to be mended.

So, on Saturday we went to meet a Doctor at one of India’s best institutes which deals in human behavior and allied sciences.

We went there through a contact. Its a government institute and I was surprised to see that the place was swarming with people. There were long ques for appointment and outside each doctor’s chamber. Mostly people were from rural background and later we were told that a lot of people from the western UP belt visit the place. While we did not come across any violent patient, our contact told us that most patients are being treated for depression. It was good to see such awareness for such diseases.

I was a bit apprehensive about the meeting with the doctor. Unlike other diseases psychiatry, in my view is a bit complicated. Its not very easy to come across a doctor who is genuine, understands your problem, takes it seriously (especially in case like ours, where there is no disease pe se) and is not looking only at minting money! Since this was a government institute, the last possibility was ruled out, but still I had my doubts on the other points. Also, a couple of years ago, we met a Psychiatrist at Sir Ganga Ram hospital, in Delhi. I use to be in a state of confusion at that time, and wanted to meet a Psychologist. However, since I could not find one through reference, so opted for visiting a Psychiatrist only. The meeting was a complete disaster, as he just did not seem interested in my problem and considered it very trivial. That visit was a total time and money wastage!

However, this time we got lucky. The doc was a fairly young guy, who not only listened to our problem in detail, but also gave us enough time to put across our issues which we considered important. He asked questions, to both Husband and me, and after an almost 30 minutes discussion, guided us for the future course of action. He told us that generally it takes him 3-4 hours to collect the amount of information from the patients, which we supplied to him in less that 20 minutes. According to him, we know what the issue is, only slight help is needed to implement the solution now. As I said above, we had been discussing the issue for quite sometime now, and hence knew the problem part of it.

We were quite satisfied after meeting this guy.  It feels so good after meeting a good doctor! Like when I met K’s pediatrician, I was so relieved to have finally found a good doctor for my baby. You feel that you are in right hands now. At least, the help you need to get over the problem would be good, rest is all luck!

We are hopeful that this problem would get solved/ become lighter in coming days, after husband is through with the “treatment”. It will be a great thing for him. His life will become happier and simpler. Fingers crossed!

O is for O My God!!


Fellow bloggers, pls tell me how are you guys churning out such lovely posts day after day???

The clock is about to hit 12 here and I still do not have any single coherent thought in my head beginning with O!

I have ideas, but no energy or patience to type it..:( Am I the only one or mothers of one year olds are like this only. K does not give me even a single minute with myself. …

All these days when I was going to office were far better for my writing; at least I had few hours for myself where I could do stuff like thinking and writing a post!

With baby, there is no time to even think of what to write with the letter of the day!!

No I am not cribbing, I seriously want to go to the end of the challenge. I have taken challenges previously too, but have failed miserably! This time I want to take it to  the end.

Wish me all the luck. I will definitely come up with something more concrete in tomorow’s post!


N is for No Laptop


Yesterday was my last day at my company. I join new place on 6th of May. After a year long maternity break I joined back on the first of this month. However, since I already had found myself a new job, I quit in the first week. This place did a loy of good to me. I guess the time spent here would be my career’s best time till now. People had great things to say about me, the last day felt really amazing.  I promise to myself that I will give my best wherever I go! Recognition and appreciation feels good. I will write a more detailed post about my movement from current job and the reasons etc…but the point of this post is that I am typing this on my phone. Laptop got submitted yesterday and the personal one is out of order. Life without laptop is difficult!! Though smartphone is a close replacement as far as connectivity is concerned, but after a certain point it’s difficult to manage without a laptop. By the way..I would also use this post to update that before submitting the laptop, I managed to transfer all my contacts from my outlook to my android phone !! I was thrilled.  This is an achievement for me as I am generally technically challenged in most situations.  Off to sleep now. Hopefully tomorrow’s post would be from a proper machine.  Cheers…

M is for Matrimony (Part I)


I have been wanting to write a collection of posts on my encounters from the days of looking for a husband for myself. Its already been four years that I got married; and I have already started forgetting quite a lot of that. Before the memories of those educating days totally vanish from head, I guess I should chronicle them here.

I started searching for a match for myself in 2008. I got married in Feb 2010 after a six months courtship period. Though the period between Jan 2008 and Sep 2009 cannot be considered very long, it was stressful nevertheless. This journey to zero down on a suitable guy with whom you imagine spending rest of your life can be very depressing, scary, en-lighting and funny at the same time.  I will skip the depressing parts and record only those here, which had me wondering; if I am ever going to land up in the married bracket!!

The phoolwallah!

This was around mid 2008. I came across this guy AS (I do remember his name) through a matrimony site. He was a marketing professional and a good one at that. After exchanging few mails with him, I could make out that he knew how to sell himself. Now I have this weird notion, that those who are very good at expressing themselves through words (through ornamental words that is), may need some time to win my trust. Anyway, we exchanged few mails about our hobbies, interests etc and i was still undecided on whether to speak to him over phone and take this ahead or drop it here itself. One fine day while returning from work at around 9 pm; I had a small incident, where my handbag got snatched leaving me with a severely sprained shoulder and few other injuries on my body. I had to take leaves from office and rest for around four weeks. Since my hand was on a sling, I did not check my mails etc for a couple of days. When I did, I saw a couple of mails from this guy AS, frantically inquiring about my well being. I wrote a short mail to him, telling about the incident, and that I may not be able to correspond with him for a few days.

He seemed overly worried and suggested that if he can be of any help and send his friends over etc. I politely refused, assuring him that I had a good support system here and my friends would take care. I had no plans of seeking help from a relatively unknown guy.

I did not check my mails post that for a couple of days. After almost 3 days of this incident and the mail exchange with AS, one day my colleagues from office landed in my PG to check on me. During the conversation they informed me that some guy called X called up office to ask about me! I did not know any X. While I had lost my phone in the snatching; I was pretty sure no friend would call office. Those who cared that much knew alternate ways to contact me. This sounded weird.

Apparently, this Mr X called my office again. I called up the department secy one day when she informed me of the same. She shared with me the number from which the call had come. Out of curiosity, I called this number and discovered that it was AS!!!

When asked why had he called my office, he said that he was very worried and hence looked up the internet to find the board number!! Even after reading my mails??? Since there was no way to contact me, he had called my office under a fake name to get my temporary contact number. Why fake name??? and what was this desperation???  I was totally surprised. He sounded nonchalant about the whole thing.  He had used a fake name to hide his identity, he told me. Why?????  He had no clear answers. I was quite annoyed and gave him a good dressing down. This was the most ridiculous person I had met so far since the time I had started interacting with prospective grooms.

There is still more to the story. The very next day, while standing in the balcony, I saw a teenage boy standing and across the road and staring at our PG constantly. I felt a bit uncomfortable and came inside. Actually, I was a bit scared those days. I somehow had a feeling that the bag snatcher must have been stalking or observing me for sometime before he finally snatched my bag that Tuesday night. Therefore any unusual activity around the PG building was enough to stir up my imagination and scare me.

That very evening, I had a bouquet of flowers delivered at my doorstep. The name of the sender was not there. The delivery guy shared with me the number of the person who had ordered the bouquet. I called up the number and some guy from Chennai picked the call. He started acting funny. When I inquired about the bouquet sternly, he started giving some gyaan on how I will come to know on my own..and its his friend who has sent the flowers. It somehow struck me that this was AS again. I was right! When I called this fellow, he was shameless enough to admit that he had sent the flowers to cheer me up!!! WTF!!

A not so pleasant discussion followed which marked the end to the crazy encounter. Later I came to know that he had got my address from my office. I was absolutely stunned at how weird some people can be. This also made me more careful with respect to the kind of people I interacted with. All in all, it is one of the more strange things happened with me in the journey to matrimony…