K Updates- Turning One (Part 2)

K is in this wonderful phase where every day she is learning something new. Now that she is one, her vocabulary is increasing every day. Sometimes she surprises me by speaking words which I have just not expected.

She has offlate become fond of the nursery rhyme- “Öld Mcdonald had a farm”…everytime i play a song..she starts singing..Ëeya Eeya Yo..:) So much that today i had connected my phone to a small bluetooth speaker we have, on which i also play her rhymes. When my phone rang in the evening and the ringtone played…she suddenly started singing..eeya eeya yo…:) If I am singing a song, she will keep saying eeya eeya…till i change the song and start singing Old Mcdonald..

Its so much fun!

Whenever i make her wear her pyjamas, i keep telling her.”ab hum pyjama pehnenge” (Now we will wear pyjama)…I was not sure if she was understanding what i say. Today when I was changing her for the night, she picked her pyjama and said..”badama…badama..”…i was surprised and thrilled…:)

Similarly, i tell her the various animal sounds, she already knows how a doggy, sheep and cow make sounds…and few other simple sounds. I also told her, Cat says meoww…however, she would never repeat that. Today I opened one of her birthday presents, which was a cat shaped toy. I showed it to her saying, see this is a cat…the moment she heard cat…she started..meoww..meoww….I was totally surprised. All these days she had been listening to what i say…I was delighted!!

I have been recording a lot of what she says, but sometimes I wonder if we could record everything they do. This whole phase is so much fun..:) Its so much fun seeing her learn new things.


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