Queen- Movie Review

I watched the movie Queen few days back. I had heard quite good reviews so decided to watch this one. And did I like it?…I simply loved it!!

Its a beautiful movie. After a long long time I have seen a movie which stays with you much after you have walked out of the theater. The story is something like this- Rani (Kangana Ranaut) is a simple middle class girl from a Punjabi colony of Delhi who has been brought up in a fairly patriarchal environment. A family friend’s son falls in love with her and she is about to get married to him, when just before the D- Day, the guy dumps her saying that he has grown in a different direction and theirs’would not be a good match.

The heart broken Rani returns home and tells her parents, that she wants to go on her honeymoon alone. The family does not resist, and so begins the self discovering journey of Rani, which is the soul of this film.

This film is fantastic!! On her trip Rani meets various people, of different language, culture, countries. She becomes friends with some, and with them experiences life, the various shades of it. She realizes how it is ok to be able to dance freely, make friends, experience new things…basically it is ok to do things which make you truly happy; It is ok to live life. Live life which is free of any obligations to give explanations to people around, to fit in a frame someone else created for you, to just be happy with yourself, and not necessarily find happiness through someone else…a man!

Kangana as Rani is just amazing. She is so much into the character that you will only be able to see a Rani Mehra, not Kangana Ranaut. The director has done a fabulous job of creating believable characters and situations. The dialogues are absolutely amazing and some one liners are just fabulous. I simply loved the climax of the movie. There was no confrontation, no explanation giving; the lady just walks off…for she has now discovered happiness and the true way of life, where she just does not holds any grudges against anyone. No drama, again emphasizing the fact that the focus of your life is you. The value of liberation is much higher than any false ego and the likes.

The best part about the movie which I liked was- that the writer/ director has not shown that a dumped or heartbroken woman can only be rescued by another man. No. A woman may not always need a man to be happy. Yes, companionship is wonderful, but only when it comes in a form of someone who truly respects you. Till then life does not have to stop. It can and should go on, happily, revealing its many other worthy and enjoyable facets; and if and when a man happens, embrace the relationship and again move on. I always use to wonder why in all the movies and most books I had read, the story always reveals itself in a way, that whenever a girl is dumped or gets heartbroken, her happiness always necessarily comes back in the form of a guy! Why?? No movie or book, ever shows a woman gathering herself and finding happiness in anything other than a man. Even in one of my favorite movie Jab We Met- I always wondered, what if there was no Shahid Kapoor? Does every female who goes through this..finds her Shahid Kapoor to rescue her? Queen answers that!! in a lovely way!

Even after two weeks of watching it, the taste of the movie still lingers on…


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