K Updates- Turning One (Part 1)

This is an updates post on K. I have been wanting to write regularly on K’s progress and developmental milestones. However, somehow the posts are not happening. Let me see if I can capture her latest antics and milestones here..:)

1. K is walking and walking like a pro now. During the past 15 days or so, he balance has improved many times and now she walks a much balanced walk..:) All the time that she is awake she is walking. Continuously. She does not stay even in my god for more than few minutes. She just wants to get down and roam around. Good part is by the time it is 7 pm, she is dead tired, and easier for me to put her to bed…:)

2. She has started speaking quite a few words. From saying ma and papa…now she repeats almost everything what we say. The other day my SIL said- touchwood, and K casually repeated it..:) It was so sweet. She refers to her picture o the wall and says Babii…:) She says naana, naani, daada, daadi, bua, aunty…and calls me bhabhi..when my maid calls me out.

My SIL taught her one day- to say Main Hoon, when asked- K kaun hai? mwe were utterly surprised when she repeated after her..”Main hooo..”…it was so lovely. Now she keeps saying “Mai hoo..Main hooo…”just like that.

She says paayi..paayi…referring to water. Good part is that now she asks for water when thirsty. Today after getting tired in the park- she came to me and started saying ..paayi…paayi..This is a great thing. Finally being able to communicate..:)

3. She loves to dance and she loves people watching her dance. Whenever i play music at home, she starts doing her pet steps and her favourite song is Gandi Baat..:)

On 9th March we celebrated her Hindi Tithi birthday. there was a small pooja at home followed by lunch for some close relatives. Husband’s uncles and aunts had come. K was dressed in a pretty lehnga brought by her daadi from Gujrat. Everyone was pampering her and the moment they started singing songs, K just started dancing in front of some 15 people..not only that, she would not leave the room and wait for everyone to sing another song so that she could dance. I so love it when she does that. Her un- inhibited attitude, her gregariousness…i so wish that she stays like this forever..:)

4.  I have tried to keep her TV free all this while. Only time that we switch on TV is on weekends when husband wants to watch it. the whole day I either keep her busy with her toys, or songs or something else. But do not switch on the TV at all. I hope I can continue this for few more years. Tough, but not undoable.

5. She is also now comfortable sitting in her car seat. We bought a car seat in December. initially, she would cry, but now she knows that thats her place in the car and happily slips into it. infact when I am driving with her in the car seat, she happily looks outside and keeps making noises. That is one good habit and i am happy about it…:)

..this post will continue….

cheers, D


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