Happy First Birthday My Darling!

In another few minutes, our dear darling daughter turns 1!

Dearest K, wishing you a very happy and healthy life. May ALL your dreams come true, may the smile from your face never fades and you remain this same high spirited, happy and upbeat self always! that is all I wish for you today as you turn one. Loads of love from mumma and papa…:)

Time flies and seeing your kids grow is the best example of this. It feels just like yesterday when at this time last year I was preparing myself for the C Section on 20th March. Almost 15 hours from now, we had you in this world. right at 3 09 pm. i remember telling your dad, when he cracked some silly joke, “grow up!, you may be a father by this time tomorrow”! …:)

It just feels like yesterday. Your first year has been a total roller coaster ride. But what makes me most happy today is that you are a happy baby. A total non fussy and giggly kid who is smiling and laughing most of the times. Baby, I love you and my only wish today is that may you never loose this carefree streak of yours, ever. To be able to laugh and smile through all times is the quality which will see you through the many phases of life as you grow up. Preserve this.

Stay and happy and healthy..always!

Love..and loads of it…:)


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