K Updates- Turning One (Part 2)

K is in this wonderful phase where every day she is learning something new. Now that she is one, her vocabulary is increasing every day. Sometimes she surprises me by speaking words which I have just not expected.

She has offlate become fond of the nursery rhyme- “Öld Mcdonald had a farm”…everytime i play a song..she starts singing..Ëeya Eeya Yo..:) So much that today i had connected my phone to a small bluetooth speaker we have, on which i also play her rhymes. When my phone rang in the evening and the ringtone played…she suddenly started singing..eeya eeya yo…:) If I am singing a song, she will keep saying eeya eeya…till i change the song and start singing Old Mcdonald..

Its so much fun!

Whenever i make her wear her pyjamas, i keep telling her.”ab hum pyjama pehnenge” (Now we will wear pyjama)…I was not sure if she was understanding what i say. Today when I was changing her for the night, she picked her pyjama and said..”badama…badama..”…i was surprised and thrilled…:)

Similarly, i tell her the various animal sounds, she already knows how a doggy, sheep and cow make sounds…and few other simple sounds. I also told her, Cat says meoww…however, she would never repeat that. Today I opened one of her birthday presents, which was a cat shaped toy. I showed it to her saying, see this is a cat…the moment she heard cat…she started..meoww..meoww….I was totally surprised. All these days she had been listening to what i say…I was delighted!!

I have been recording a lot of what she says, but sometimes I wonder if we could record everything they do. This whole phase is so much fun..:) Its so much fun seeing her learn new things.


Queen- Movie Review

I watched the movie Queen few days back. I had heard quite good reviews so decided to watch this one. And did I like it?…I simply loved it!!

Its a beautiful movie. After a long long time I have seen a movie which stays with you much after you have walked out of the theater. The story is something like this- Rani (Kangana Ranaut) is a simple middle class girl from a Punjabi colony of Delhi who has been brought up in a fairly patriarchal environment. A family friend’s son falls in love with her and she is about to get married to him, when just before the D- Day, the guy dumps her saying that he has grown in a different direction and theirs’would not be a good match.

The heart broken Rani returns home and tells her parents, that she wants to go on her honeymoon alone. The family does not resist, and so begins the self discovering journey of Rani, which is the soul of this film.

This film is fantastic!! On her trip Rani meets various people, of different language, culture, countries. She becomes friends with some, and with them experiences life, the various shades of it. She realizes how it is ok to be able to dance freely, make friends, experience new things…basically it is ok to do things which make you truly happy; It is ok to live life. Live life which is free of any obligations to give explanations to people around, to fit in a frame someone else created for you, to just be happy with yourself, and not necessarily find happiness through someone else…a man!

Kangana as Rani is just amazing. She is so much into the character that you will only be able to see a Rani Mehra, not Kangana Ranaut. The director has done a fabulous job of creating believable characters and situations. The dialogues are absolutely amazing and some one liners are just fabulous. I simply loved the climax of the movie. There was no confrontation, no explanation giving; the lady just walks off…for she has now discovered happiness and the true way of life, where she just does not holds any grudges against anyone. No drama, again emphasizing the fact that the focus of your life is you. The value of liberation is much higher than any false ego and the likes.

The best part about the movie which I liked was- that the writer/ director has not shown that a dumped or heartbroken woman can only be rescued by another man. No. A woman may not always need a man to be happy. Yes, companionship is wonderful, but only when it comes in a form of someone who truly respects you. Till then life does not have to stop. It can and should go on, happily, revealing its many other worthy and enjoyable facets; and if and when a man happens, embrace the relationship and again move on. I always use to wonder why in all the movies and most books I had read, the story always reveals itself in a way, that whenever a girl is dumped or gets heartbroken, her happiness always necessarily comes back in the form of a guy! Why?? No movie or book, ever shows a woman gathering herself and finding happiness in anything other than a man. Even in one of my favorite movie Jab We Met- I always wondered, what if there was no Shahid Kapoor? Does every female who goes through this..finds her Shahid Kapoor to rescue her? Queen answers that!! in a lovely way!

Even after two weeks of watching it, the taste of the movie still lingers on…

A piece of my mind…

Today i learnt something about myself. I went to see K’s doctor for a vaccination. Since this was our first visit to him after K has turned one, he made some general inquiries about what all k is being able to do. As in walking, saying few words etc.

I told him everything in detail and he was pretty satisfied and said fine, she is doing well. She is being able to do what a one year old must be doing. So everything is ok. The amazing thing is, that after hearing him, I kind of got a bit disappointed!

Reason, I had this impression in my head that K was doing exceptionally well for a one year old. She is an intelligent child and is able to grasp things very fast. Among other one year olds around, I see that K is learning new things at quite a good pace. So subconsciously I was expecting the doc to say some amazing things about my baby like she is ahead of her age in certain things and is just doing great etc etc. However, he very matter of factly mentioned that she is doing fine and i need not worry about her growth.

When I came out of his chamber, I was not happy. While in the lift I realized the reason for my disappointment. Though I am very vocal about expressing my views on fact that we must not compare our children with others’and/ or measure them on any scale and feel either too great or sad about their skills/ abilities especially at this age; i realized today that i actually do not follow it!

The fact that I was expecting the doc to praise my baby proves that I am mentally doing some sort of comparison of my baby with others’and feel that in certain fields my baby excels and is better. Yes, the thought that my baby is better- and that is the problem. Every child is unique, is different, and will learn things at his/ her ow n pace. I realized that I kind of feel superior about my kid because of certain things she has learned to do earlier as compared to others.

This kind of thinking is wrong. In the long run i would be doing more harm to my baby than anything else if I carry such ideas in my mind. And i use to think that I am a pretty sorted person with great thoughts and the ability to implement them too!

I need to asap stop any threads of comparisons running in my head, especially if it involves K. And stop doing comparisons means seriously get all such thoughts out of my system, starting now!! Right now I am disappointed with myself. The fact is that I dislike people who compare their life/ kids/ spouse/ marriage…for that matter anything to others. I realized that I am not much different from them. I want to get this comparing streak out of my mind. I want to attain that stage where I feel good about my child. Full stop. Not in any particular frame of reference…but in totality. And i admire and feel good about any other baby i see/ meet. In between, not letting my mind to secretly do any comparisons. This is my objective starting now. I will clear myself  of any such negative feelings. Wish me luck!! It surely will be a great state to be in.

K Updates- Turning One (Part 1)

This is an updates post on K. I have been wanting to write regularly on K’s progress and developmental milestones. However, somehow the posts are not happening. Let me see if I can capture her latest antics and milestones here..:)

1. K is walking and walking like a pro now. During the past 15 days or so, he balance has improved many times and now she walks a much balanced walk..:) All the time that she is awake she is walking. Continuously. She does not stay even in my god for more than few minutes. She just wants to get down and roam around. Good part is by the time it is 7 pm, she is dead tired, and easier for me to put her to bed…:)

2. She has started speaking quite a few words. From saying ma and papa…now she repeats almost everything what we say. The other day my SIL said- touchwood, and K casually repeated it..:) It was so sweet. She refers to her picture o the wall and says Babii…:) She says naana, naani, daada, daadi, bua, aunty…and calls me bhabhi..when my maid calls me out.

My SIL taught her one day- to say Main Hoon, when asked- K kaun hai? mwe were utterly surprised when she repeated after her..”Main hooo..”…it was so lovely. Now she keeps saying “Mai hoo..Main hooo…”just like that.

She says paayi..paayi…referring to water. Good part is that now she asks for water when thirsty. Today after getting tired in the park- she came to me and started saying ..paayi…paayi..This is a great thing. Finally being able to communicate..:)

3. She loves to dance and she loves people watching her dance. Whenever i play music at home, she starts doing her pet steps and her favourite song is Gandi Baat..:)

On 9th March we celebrated her Hindi Tithi birthday. there was a small pooja at home followed by lunch for some close relatives. Husband’s uncles and aunts had come. K was dressed in a pretty lehnga brought by her daadi from Gujrat. Everyone was pampering her and the moment they started singing songs, K just started dancing in front of some 15 people..not only that, she would not leave the room and wait for everyone to sing another song so that she could dance. I so love it when she does that. Her un- inhibited attitude, her gregariousness…i so wish that she stays like this forever..:)

4.  I have tried to keep her TV free all this while. Only time that we switch on TV is on weekends when husband wants to watch it. the whole day I either keep her busy with her toys, or songs or something else. But do not switch on the TV at all. I hope I can continue this for few more years. Tough, but not undoable.

5. She is also now comfortable sitting in her car seat. We bought a car seat in December. initially, she would cry, but now she knows that thats her place in the car and happily slips into it. infact when I am driving with her in the car seat, she happily looks outside and keeps making noises. That is one good habit and i am happy about it…:)

..this post will continue….

cheers, D

Happy First Birthday My Darling!

In another few minutes, our dear darling daughter turns 1!

Dearest K, wishing you a very happy and healthy life. May ALL your dreams come true, may the smile from your face never fades and you remain this same high spirited, happy and upbeat self always! that is all I wish for you today as you turn one. Loads of love from mumma and papa…:)

Time flies and seeing your kids grow is the best example of this. It feels just like yesterday when at this time last year I was preparing myself for the C Section on 20th March. Almost 15 hours from now, we had you in this world. right at 3 09 pm. i remember telling your dad, when he cracked some silly joke, “grow up!, you may be a father by this time tomorrow”! …:)

It just feels like yesterday. Your first year has been a total roller coaster ride. But what makes me most happy today is that you are a happy baby. A total non fussy and giggly kid who is smiling and laughing most of the times. Baby, I love you and my only wish today is that may you never loose this carefree streak of yours, ever. To be able to laugh and smile through all times is the quality which will see you through the many phases of life as you grow up. Preserve this.

Stay and happy and healthy..always!

Love..and loads of it…:)