Ghalib Danger- A Book Review

Ghalib Danger

After a long time I laid my hands on this one. Written by Neeraj Pandey- the much appreciated director of A Wednesday and Special 26, Ghalib Danger is a book about an underworld don Kamaran Khan- alias Ghalib Danger. Its a fictitious story, and it seems that soon Neeraj Pandey is going to make a movie on it. He has released the story in advance for his audience.

The story starts from France where the Mumbai Police, Interpol, CBI and few other police departments catch Kamaran Ali Khan in a mall and he is deported to India after serving in French jail for about two years. He spends four more years in an Indian jail and the present day is when he is being taken to the court for his final judgement. Chances are that he will get a bail.

In his journey between jail and court, the author takes us to his past which is nothing short of watching a bollywood movie. A hardworking man from Quasimgarh UP moves to Mumbai in search of work and how fate plays the masterstroke and changes his life for ever when on an important day of his life, he makes a choice as trivial as dropping a fare from Haji Ali to Mohammed Ali Road in Mumbai. His story starts from there and is nothing short of a roller coaster ride from the word go.

While there is nothing dramatically new or different in the book, its the way the author has written the story that makes the whole difference. The book in one word is pacey. It has not even a single line which you would want to miss. Its just written very smartly taking care of each and every event to the last most detail. The build up to the climax is so cleverly done, that when you reach the end you just feel total paisa vasool!! Coupled with a taught writing is Ghalib’s poetry which dots the story, as the main characters are shown to be huge believers in Ghalib’s words and his philosophy. I am hoping that when this translates into a movie, the director will take good care of the poetry part.

The characterization of all characters in the book is good, but the way Kamaran’s character unfolds, its difficult not to develop a huge liking for the gangster as the story progresses. I had loved his first movie- A Wednesday and liked Special 26. Needless to say the director has lived upto the expectations in his first book.

As I said earlier, it seems as if Neeraj has just released the story of his next movie. Husband and I are so convinced about the movie part that we even went to the extent of discussing who should play what part..:)

Overall, I loved the book. Highly recommended for those looking for something hooking and fast paced.

Author- Neeraj Pandey

Price- INR 250

Rating- 4/5


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