At a Book Launch

Ha… so i managed to come up with only three posts since 1st Feb. Now I can understand why they say that its actually very difficult to find time when you have a baby to take care of. K just does not allows me any time for myself. Now that she has learnt to walk, someone has to be there around her ALL the time. And that is what takes up most of my waking hours every day.

Anyway- this is not the subject of this post today. Subject is something else. Today I went to book launch session of- “The One You Cannot Have” which was organized in Gurgaon at Canvas and Quills- at Southpoint Mall. The author of the book Preety Shenoy and Anuja Chauhan (Author of The Zoya Factor, The Battle of Bittora and Those Pricey Thakur Girls) were there and a discussion on – Love in the times of Google- was planned at the event. It was great seeing the authors you have read a lot in person. However, since I had gone their with K, who started making all kind of noises the moment the discussion started, I had to leave without even meeting the two authors. My bad luck! However, the visit today did had a positive affect on me. Just seeing the two females filled me with inspiration to write..write and write more. It was such a fresh and nice feeling to be among people who work hard to produce wonderful books which I love to read. It was a much needed change for me also. Off late I have been so busy with K, that there has been no time to either read any books or post something worthwhile on this blog. I hopped on the blogging marathon to give some oxygen to this space, but as is evident from the few posts in the first week, I have not been able to keep up.

Also, these days I am socializing with people whom I would not have been in touch with otherwise, had it not been for K. Yes, to have play dates for my baby, I hang out with mommies who operate on a totally different wavelength. One such female is husband’s friend’s wife. Her daughter is one month younger to K. the female only talks about maids, cleaning her home, maintaining it, her daughter’s stories, maids, cleanliness….you get the idea. It gets so boring and suffocating after a point in time. Today after visiting the launch, i felt a fresh breeze of air. Its so good to be involved in activities like reading and writing, than being entangled in mundane discussions about maids and the likes.

So this visit to see two people who have produced wonderful books was really welcome. I really want to write more frequently and regularly on this blog. I hope that this year will see increased blogging activity from my end.

By the way- Both Preeti and Anuja are so fit!! They do not look a day older than 30!! and both are mommies to teenagers. About Preeti, i read on her blog about how disciplined and regular she is with her eating and exercise; but I guess, all successful people are disciplined on all fronts of their lives. If they work hard, they also take good care of their health, to enable them to run faster and farther in their lives.



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