And our baby is walking now

K has crossed the most awaited milestone. Yes, she has started walking. And I am a delighted mommy. She started trying to stand without support in November only. Then December onwards her agenda was to master the art of standing without support. Towards beginning of January she was able to stand without support for considerable amount of time like- few minutes altogether. She also started taking her first steps somewhere around January beginning only. However, since it was very cold here, we were not leaving her on the floor for long duration. She was either in the bed or in her crib. Once the cold wave started withering, i started placing her on a mat for like an hour or two in a day. Slowly the steps increased to two- three and now since Feb beginning, she has started walking quite properly. She follows me from the living room to the kitchen, to other rooms and looks very pretty while walking. of all the milestones she crossed till now, this one has been the most amazing. It feels so good to see her take those baby steps…i feel blessed…:)

I noticed that actually she did not crawl at all. Since the time she started moving, she would crawl only if very necessary. Else, she would just try practicing to stand firmly on her legs without support. Infact she did not even move much with support. After sitting, she learnt the art of crawling, this was somewhere in November beginning,  and since mid November the practice to stand independently started.

However, with the moving bit, the job to ensure that she is safe and not venturing into unsafe territory has become even more difficult. I have to keep a constant eye on her activities all throughout the day….so yes, all my time is going there and hence no posts here…you see…:)

We have taken a lot of videos of her and that reminds me that I have to save all of them in the hard disk as well.

Thanks for reading and do comment if you happen to pass by..



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