WP on my phone now

I wrote two posts yesterday, both are right now in my drafts folder. I just could not concentrate given the continuous disturbance by K and hence they turned out to be quite incoherent posts. I had no choice but to not post them. Then I just did not get time to write and hence could not post anything yesterday.  However, while reading a blog on my phone before sleeping I gathered that there is a wordpress app on which I can post using my mobile also. Aha…I was so delighted. I downloaded the app yesterday. ..and yes you guessed it right…am typing this on WP on my mobile. Yay!!! To technology…:) I am so glad to have discovered this app. I am sure I am going to use it big time from now on. Thankyou Shilpa Garg…for introducing me to this wonderful app. Good night for now..cheers…


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