We want to be Happy

I have been thinking offlate- whats the definition of happiness? How many people are really happy? Specially in today’s times. I will tell you the source of my thoughts also. We (both husband and I) are always under stress. Always means ALWAYS! For him, the source of tension is only one- his job. Sometimes its the boss, other times his profile, sometimes his band, and at others he is just not being able to emotionally connect with his work; which according to him is of utmost importance to him. Last time when I saw him happy in his job was before we got married, that is sometime around 2010. Then, circumstances changed and we had to move cities, his role changed and hence problems started.

Now lets come to me- on the outside I am a humorous and funny person. I laugh, i joke and am generally in an upbeat mood. However, from inside I am no different from husband. My source of tension keeps changing. So it is job, then its trying to get pregnant, in between its inlaws, then some domestic problem, again job…and the cycle continues.

If we look at the broader picture- we both earn well, we have a baby now, we have parents who are healthy, we have also bought a property last year…so the key parameters are in place. Still- if you spend a day at our home, you will realize that we are far from enjoying life. We mostly have serious topics to discuss. like how can we go abroad, what kind of job should husband look for, how are we going to manage baby K once i join back work etc etc. The thing is that matters of tension never end, and we sorely lack the art of focusing on good things around. We hardly go on vacations. One of us is perennially in front of the laptop cursing his/ her work and screwing our weekend. Basically we are not enjoying life. I am worried now as both of us have already hit our thirties which means a large part of life is gone..this decade more and given our lifestyles we may soon be facing health issues…children will grow up and their needs too…work is definitely never going become lighter..so overall things are either going to stay same or become more complicated in the years to come….so when are we going to be Happy? When are we going to feel light headed and relaxed?

Pls share your thoughts on this. I guess we need some therapy on attitude changing.


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