Blogathon Feb 2014

I have been reading a lot of blogs off late and came to know that some blogathon was going on in January. Great! I have participated in one a couple of times. Its a tough job. leave apart content, just the discipline of sitting and writing something every single day for a month is definitely not easy. Both the times i tried doing it, i could only post like some 15- 20 days. However, after seeing people participate in blogathon, i am kinda tempted to do one here. Many thoughts are stopping me, K hardly gives me any time, and even if i am able to open my blog, to come up with a decent post becomes difficult.

But, right now i am tempted, to do a post every day of February…:) and i have decided to give into this temptation…:)

Let us see how i fare this time. All the best to me!! I will write one post each day till 28th Feb.


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