Something I am thankful to God for

We never owned a car till very recently. Here we= my parents and our family. We always had a two wheeler. Most of the times it was ok, however, there were times when we felt a dire need to have a car. Specially when all of us- my siblings and me- had moved out to study. Going from home to railway station with loads of baggage,  on a two wheeler posed a huge problem most of the time. However, since there were no resources there was no point complaining either. Then when i started my first job way back in 2004, i had to take a bus to office everyday. Ride on a DTC/ Chartered bus without a place to sit can be daunting task specially for women. That was the time when everyday while travelling to work i use to pray to God, to please make me rich enough to be able to afford a car of my own. I was preparing for MBA at that time, and all i wanted was to get placed in a job which enables me to have a car of my own.

Later I landed a job in Bangalore in of the reputed audit company and job involved travelling within and outside Bangalore at client places. I hated the nature of my job. It was too boring for my taste. However, there was one good thing about it- the travel. Travel in cabs. Almost always. Either the clients use to send vehicle to pick us from our home or my company provided a taxi to travel to the client place. And this was the only part of job which i just loved. Every time I sat in the cab, i would thank God. Whenever i saw a bus crossing us with people piled on it like crazy, i would thank God even more. I felt so lucky and blessed to be in a position to travel comfortably.

Then i got married and had to move to Gurgaon. Here you can not travel within the city if you do not have your own vehicle. The public transport is a big fail. So we had to buy a car almost immediately after coming here. However, before we bought one there was a period of like 10 days when both of us had to go to office and we did not even have a two wheeler. Had i been alone, i would have taken an auto to office. However, Husband is not a big fan of travelling by public transport, and since it was because of him we had to shift from Blr to Ggn, he wanted to make sure that all my comforts are taken care of here and i do not get a chance to complain..:) So he arranged for a cab for those ten days which would drop and pick me up from work. As i said, i would have never chosen this had i been alone, because the cost involved was a bit high; but thanks to Husband he made the summer travel convenient for me.  Again I thanked God for this.

Its been four years that we own a car now. And believe me every time i sit in it I thank my stars. I consider it one of the most useful luxuries God has enabled me to afford. The feeling becomes even more prominent when we face the extreme summer and winters of North India. Sitting in my car in a controlled environment with my baby in the car seat; makes me thank my stars, God and the inventor of this wonderful machine thousand times.


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