With a baby in picture…

……how the small things in life become such a luxury!!

Just few minutes ago, i was sitting in front of my laptop doing some regular online banking stuff and K was with the maid in the balcony. I just opened a a blog link from my blogroll and started reading a fresh post and before i could realize, I was lost reading some related posts for a good ten minutes!!. I was totally engrossed, when i suddenly realized that there was no sound coming from the balcony and rushed towards it. K was peacefully sitting in her pram and maid was playing with her. I thought of going back to my machine and continue reading stuff, but did not want to leave K with maid and started playing with her instead.

I realized that when you have a small baby to take care of, even a small thing like getting to spend 15 minutes at a stretch doing your favorite stuff like reading a blog/ writing becomes a total luxury. I had heard these things from others, and now when i am finally experiencing it, i can only agree with them more. Sometimes, i so feel like taking some time off from being the primary caregiver that I am, and spend time doing stuff which i use to do pre- K days. Though, this weekend i did get sometime sans K as on Sat i spent close to three hours are the doctor;s to get my back examined and then an hour long physiotherapy session. And yesterday, when K was asleep in the evening, i headed to a mall to procure few kurtas for myself as all my old clothes evade the new me – who is 10 kgs overweight!! However, the moment i stepped back in the house, i was greeted by a -about to explode any moment K- being pacified by Husband, and such was the business after that, that i could not even open the shopping bags for almost 2 hours after my return.

I so yearn for a free Saturday, when i just lie down in my bed, reading some great book, with no maids to give instructions to, no courier vaala, no chai requests from husband, and K at my mum’s place, where i know that she is happy and safe. Just me and no one else around!! Ah- it sounds a dream right now!!

Yesterday when i entered a mall, I was greeted by this faint smell of coffee and it reminded of my  time spent in Bangalore. On weekends i use to go to this Crossword located near hundred feet road, and sit their for hours all together reading my favorite book  and sipping coffee. Aha- that was pure bliss!

K is sleeping right now. She slept in her pram when i was strolling with her in the balcony. I was so scared that she would wake up- i did not even transfer her from her pram to her crib. She is sleeping in a sitting position right now. I know this is cruel..:D…but i cannot help…:)



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