K’s updates and some more

There are many things floating in my head which i wanted to jot down here, but none is surfacing right now, when i have finally managed to find some time after almost 3 weeks. So i will just bullet the highlights from the gone weeks to keep the posts going…:)

1. First thing first…i got these pretty pink crib bumpers and sheet for K.

IMG-20131011-WA0010decorating babies’nursery is so much fun…:) the bumper protects her head from banging against the crib fence. I ordered it from babyoye yesterday night and it was delivered today morning.  Great service.

I wanted to click a better picture, but for that i will have to wait till tomorrow as K is sleeping in the crib right now; and i cannot wait till tomorrow to finish this post!! Overall, i am very happy with this pinkness of the crib..:)

2. Last week was a terrible one at our household from health perspective. Husband fell sick with viral and was on leave for close to 5 days and K too got stomach infection!! To add to this my maid caught viral and went on two days leave!! There is nothing worse than a sick baby..:( K wanted to cling to me ALL the time…the moment i disappeared from her sight…she would just start howling…and there is nothing worse than a child crying…:(  Since husband was also unwell; i could not seek his help in any work and all the household and external work fell on my already aching shoulders…Thankfully things are better now. touch wood!

3. K is now ganju K..:D yes, I got her mundan done yesterday. She had these lovely curly hair (or semi curly i must say), but they had become too long for the little baby and more so for her mommy to manage. So i decided to chomp them off completely and got this job finished during these auspicious Navratri days. She looks cuter than i had expected. I was actually expecting a complete disaster. However, her new look is quite cute…:) Also, i plan to buy her a anaarkali for this diwali. I am not very sure how her ganju style go with a traditional dress…but i am all set to experiment. Afterall, i have only 3-4 more years left to exercise my choice on my baby before she sharts choosing her own clothes and accessories!!

4. Phew!! the above part was written on 11th Oct, and i could not finish it that day.  We had a good weekend with family at Husband’s cousin’s place. K was super thrilled and excited the whole time as she was loving being surrounded by so many people. That ways i guess i am lucky. She is not a cranky child. She enjoys having people around and keeps displaying her toothless smile all the time.

5. On the milestone front- she has finally started moving forwards!! She is in her 7th month now and on 5th Oct, she moved forward towards her milk bottle on her own. What a delight it was to see that…:) I was actually very happy, because it was after long …almost after 1.5- 2 months that she showed any major physical development. Now she is a pro at it and rushes towards anything she likes, like light!!

She has also started to balance herself while sitting for a few seconds. I think in another month or so she should start sitting on her own. That would be a real development. Also, my little baby has started saying ma-ma-ma-ma…:) This is her distress call. Whenever she is in trouble…like wanting to sleep, wanting to be held etc…she starts her ma-ma-ma-ma…its such a delight to hear that..:)

She has also started saying pa-pa-pa-pa…this she does randomly…whenever she wants…:) I was wondering that she does not know the meaning of these words/ blabber right now. So how come the first legible sound they make is mama and papa. Then i tried to read the tongue movement and noticed that it would be same for other words also, like..bha-bha…ba-ba..etc….however she or for that matter other kids also say ma and pa as their first so called words…this is amazing…:)

6. She was unwell in the first week of this month and wanted to have me around all the time. Since then, she has started craving for my presence most of the time. She gives a huge smile whenever i appear after few minutes from other room etc…if she is crying ..sometimes all she wants is to sit in my lap and she will be all happy and satisfied. basically i get a feeling that she is fascinated by me.,….:) I am the center of her universe right now. And honestly..it feels great. Great as in GREAT!!! Never ever in my life have i felt to needed and so important. I feel like queen mommy sometimes…:D I feel overwhelmed…i know it will not last forever, but I am enjoying it to the fullest till it lasts. Now i understand the feelings behind the long long posts mommy blogger dedicated to their babies..:) Its really an amazing experience being a  mother..:)

7. We have decided to change K’s name. Actually, in our family the naming ceremony is on the tenth day of birth. Husband and i were not able to zero in one a name till then. Actually, like many other things we were vetoing each others suggestions all the time about names and hence had no name on her naamkaran day. My FIL suggested a nice but very old fashioned name which husband liked and i guess i decided to like. From then on, whenever we were asked her name, it was invariably followed by various forms of the folloiwng -” Why have you named her this??””..sometimes politely, sometimes outright rude, sometimes confused, depending on our closeness with the said people and their inherent attitude.

Anyway, we are not the ones who would get deterred by all this, but what we realize was that none of us, that is husband and I would call her by that name.  I was calling her “chunnu”all the time and he – gappu, bundle, gutki..depending on his mood.  After some discussion we realized that basically, even we both are not very happy with this name, hence still time that we change it.  Therefore, we went back to the basics, and are planning to name her from among the following- Anahita, Abhisarika or Anasuya. The last being my first choice before even she was born (It means the one who is not jealous; also the name of wife of sage Atri). However, I will still call her K on this blog, in memory of her much controversial name…:D

That’s from my end for..:) Cheers…


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