And we are six today….:)

K turns six months old today. The little chinese looking baby we brought home on 23rd March is six months old in this world. They say time flies, and surely it does. Infact i still remember last year this time i was still in my first trimester getting nausea ate the very mention of any eatable, praying every moment that everything this time goes smooth. And here we are today with K with us all happy and healthy…touch wood..:)

The journey of motherhood so far has been a mixed bag of emotions. From feeling frustrated to the post- delivery depression, to struggles with breastfeeding and the disappointment that followed, to sleepless nights and tiring days…we are finally at a relatively stable stage. Team mommy and K are comfortable and have finally formed that unique bond of understanding and love….we know each other much better now and are confident of sailing through this journey with aplomb!

K is a relatively happy baby. When well fed and slept, she generally smiles through out the day, enjoys eating her foot thumb and licking away anything and everything she can lay her hands on. I love the small habits she has formed…like sleeping only when the lights are switched off. She takes it as an indication of going off to bed, and generally her activity levels go down drastically when the room is made dark. I love the was she has made herself comfortable with her bathing tub. She now knows that this is a daily activity and tries her best to explore the bath tub by jumping off the slide and licking away the mug whenever possible…

She also tries to hold her bottle and opens her mouth every time I open her vitamin D bottle…:) She tries to pull my chain and hair whenever possible and wants to jump off my lap in an attempt to sit every now and then. Infact now she has also started understanding my moods a bit. When i make an angry face and frown my brows, the little being would become serious and look into my eyes with a very pleading look…and if the frown does not changes in few seconds she starts smiling in an attempt to pacify me…:)

K is growing every passing day and i am loving being around her to watch all her antics!

All I want to tell my baby today is that we love you, love you more than anybody and anything else in this world.  We promise you that all our efforts now on will be to create a home for you which you will always love as the best place on earth. A place you would like to come back to no matter wherever in the world you are. A place full of love and understanding, a place where you can be yourself, a place where you would be loved unconditionally. A place which is happy most of the times and striving to be cheerful and happy at others…:)

There are many many other things which i would want to tell you as we cross more such milestones, but always remember that no matter what and how we say, there is always one feeling at the bottom of everything else, and that is that mommy and daddy do not have anything or anybody more important that you in their lives…and that they love you…:)

Keep smiling ….always!


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