Book Review- Those Pricey Thakur Girls

 Those Pricey Thakur Girls


A book mainly about Debjyani, fourth of the five daughters of a retired judge, her romance with DD and a half Christian half rajput boy, is third book by Anuja Chauhan. I had found her first book hilarious (The Zoya Factor). Unfortunately i did not like Battle for Bittora, her second book, as i felt that it was almost on the same lines as Zoya Factor with just the background and names of characters changed.  Therefore i was not very sure if Pricey Thakur Girls will be very different. However, once i picked up the book, i found it absolutely read worthy….:)

Set in Delhi in the late eightees, the book revolves around a Thakur family where the five alphabetically named daughters are unique and troublesome in their own ways. Debjyani urf Dabbu gets a job at Desh Darpan aka Doordarshan as a news reader and is struggling in her own ways to adjust to the life as a national face when she meets the TDH Dylan Singh Shekhawat- a family friend and a newspaper investigative journalist who is courageous and bold and determined to unveil the main culprits behind the 84 riots. This is the main plot which just like Anuja’s previous books has all elements of an M&B romance. She has done complete justice to it..:) And in the background, or i should say parallel run the mini plots supporting the story where we have the elder two sisters driving their own agendas and the little one – a Modern School brat- enjoying the roller coaster ride called teenage.

The best part about the book is Anuja’s impeccable story telling style dotted with Delhi vernacular, her depiction of the eighties lifestyle, the mention of Maruti 800s, the DD news channel and other such things. Every character and situation in the book comes across authentic and makes it very easy for the reader to connect. The romantic angle of Dabbu and Dylan is fresh and though the story looks very predictable, it has been weaved around very well with the events and circumstances leading to the end. And among all this the author has ensured that the humor angle is nowhere lost.

After reading Battle for Bittora (which by the way I left halfway), i had a feeling as if the author had just made some changes to the background etc, and kept the crux of the story same…however, while TPTG also has romance at its core, the characterization and  events weaved give it a new flavor altogether.

A good book if you are looking for something light, romantic and humorous.

Rating: 3.25/ 5

Price: INR 350 (Flipkart price- INR 213)


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