Break ke liye

This is a break post. I am writing another post, which was getting too heavy, so i decided to write another light post to take a break..:)

    • K is sleeping and I am in dire need of a change in wardrobe. None of my pre-pregnancy clothes are fitting me, and the ones which are, are either too boring or old!
    • I plan to watch Satyagrah today. I saw Madras cafe few days back and loved it. A very well made movie on a pretty recent political assassination. Another good work by Shoojit Sircar.
    • I plan to write CISSP ( Its a certification for security professionals). Now that I am on a break, better utilize this time to add to my skills. Right now researching on the same.
    • I really like this song from Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. Sukhvinder is an amazing singer, he infuses soul into such songs. He once came to our college during the annual fest. Apparently, he was so drunk while on stage that the dance group performing with him (from the college ofcourse) could not come near him. No wonder, he was wearing shades at night!! ..oh..the song first…
  • I need to buy a smart phone for my parents. The requirement is very weird- the phone has to be smart for them to be able to access internet- mainly whatsapp and skype (so that i can share K’s pictures with them on an hourly basis and they can watch her live whenever they want…:)). However, it should not be very complicated in terms of use. And when i say not very complicated- i mean it should as simple as possible for a smart phone! Tough job ahead!!
  • Today is an important day for husband. Some critical decision would be made for him at work. I have my fingers crossed

That’s it for now…cheers..:)


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