This is my second blog. I have another blog- which is lying dormant for past few months- from the time i have been active on this one. The only difference between the two places is that, here i have (and plan to) maintained my anonymity, and the other one is known to all friends and family and has a FB link too.

After writing there for 3 years, i realized that I was actually writing for people who read it and not for myself. I was too guarded and seldom wrote what I actually wanted to; mainly because of the fear of being judged. Most posts there had humor at their core; because that is what most people have a perception about me- I am a fun loving humorous person; and i was trying to adhere to this image of mine in all my writings.

So while fun and humor is one dimension of my personality, and a very strong one, its still just one of the many other which are equally strong and dominant in my thoughts and behavior. So i decided that i will create this space where I can write my mind, write anything, everything….happy, boring, mundane…humorous….personal…everything- without my guards on..without worrying about the audience’s perception of me…:) And I am loving it!!


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