And we are six today….:)

K turns six months old today. The little chinese looking baby we brought home on 23rd March is six months old in this world. They say time flies, and surely it does. Infact i still remember last year this time i was still in my first trimester getting nausea ate the very mention of any eatable, praying every moment that everything this time goes smooth. And here we are today with K with us all happy and healthy…touch wood..:)

The journey of motherhood so far has been a mixed bag of emotions. From feeling frustrated to the post- delivery depression, to struggles with breastfeeding and the disappointment that followed, to sleepless nights and tiring days…we are finally at a relatively stable stage. Team mommy and K are comfortable and have finally formed that unique bond of understanding and love….we know each other much better now and are confident of sailing through this journey with aplomb!

K is a relatively happy baby. When well fed and slept, she generally smiles through out the day, enjoys eating her foot thumb and licking away anything and everything she can lay her hands on. I love the small habits she has formed…like sleeping only when the lights are switched off. She takes it as an indication of going off to bed, and generally her activity levels go down drastically when the room is made dark. I love the was she has made herself comfortable with her bathing tub. She now knows that this is a daily activity and tries her best to explore the bath tub by jumping off the slide and licking away the mug whenever possible…

She also tries to hold her bottle and opens her mouth every time I open her vitamin D bottle…:) She tries to pull my chain and hair whenever possible and wants to jump off my lap in an attempt to sit every now and then. Infact now she has also started understanding my moods a bit. When i make an angry face and frown my brows, the little being would become serious and look into my eyes with a very pleading look…and if the frown does not changes in few seconds she starts smiling in an attempt to pacify me…:)

K is growing every passing day and i am loving being around her to watch all her antics!

All I want to tell my baby today is that we love you, love you more than anybody and anything else in this world.  We promise you that all our efforts now on will be to create a home for you which you will always love as the best place on earth. A place you would like to come back to no matter wherever in the world you are. A place full of love and understanding, a place where you can be yourself, a place where you would be loved unconditionally. A place which is happy most of the times and striving to be cheerful and happy at others…:)

There are many many other things which i would want to tell you as we cross more such milestones, but always remember that no matter what and how we say, there is always one feeling at the bottom of everything else, and that is that mommy and daddy do not have anything or anybody more important that you in their lives…and that they love you…:)

Keep smiling ….always!


Book Review- Those Pricey Thakur Girls

 Those Pricey Thakur Girls


A book mainly about Debjyani, fourth of the five daughters of a retired judge, her romance with DD and a half Christian half rajput boy, is third book by Anuja Chauhan. I had found her first book hilarious (The Zoya Factor). Unfortunately i did not like Battle for Bittora, her second book, as i felt that it was almost on the same lines as Zoya Factor with just the background and names of characters changed.  Therefore i was not very sure if Pricey Thakur Girls will be very different. However, once i picked up the book, i found it absolutely read worthy….:)

Set in Delhi in the late eightees, the book revolves around a Thakur family where the five alphabetically named daughters are unique and troublesome in their own ways. Debjyani urf Dabbu gets a job at Desh Darpan aka Doordarshan as a news reader and is struggling in her own ways to adjust to the life as a national face when she meets the TDH Dylan Singh Shekhawat- a family friend and a newspaper investigative journalist who is courageous and bold and determined to unveil the main culprits behind the 84 riots. This is the main plot which just like Anuja’s previous books has all elements of an M&B romance. She has done complete justice to it..:) And in the background, or i should say parallel run the mini plots supporting the story where we have the elder two sisters driving their own agendas and the little one – a Modern School brat- enjoying the roller coaster ride called teenage.

The best part about the book is Anuja’s impeccable story telling style dotted with Delhi vernacular, her depiction of the eighties lifestyle, the mention of Maruti 800s, the DD news channel and other such things. Every character and situation in the book comes across authentic and makes it very easy for the reader to connect. The romantic angle of Dabbu and Dylan is fresh and though the story looks very predictable, it has been weaved around very well with the events and circumstances leading to the end. And among all this the author has ensured that the humor angle is nowhere lost.

After reading Battle for Bittora (which by the way I left halfway), i had a feeling as if the author had just made some changes to the background etc, and kept the crux of the story same…however, while TPTG also has romance at its core, the characterization and  events weaved give it a new flavor altogether.

A good book if you are looking for something light, romantic and humorous.

Rating: 3.25/ 5

Price: INR 350 (Flipkart price- INR 213)

Book Review- The Last Lecture

The Last Lecture- Randy Pausch

The Last Lecture

I picked this up because it was lying near our bedside table and was comparatively thinner than other options available within a hand’s distance that day! Husband was all praises for the book and said that i must read it. Going by the title and summary even i had pretty high expectations from the book; but sad to say that i found it too over hyped. Disappointment is the right word.

The book is about this professor- the author, who has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and has only few months left to live. He has a happy family with three kids (all below age of six) and a loving wife. In this book he has captured (based on a lecture he gave at one of his univ) what all he would have shared with his kids had he continued to live longer; his experiences, his life’s lessons and many more things.

The good part first- the spirit behind the book is commendable. Not many dying people in the world would have the courage to take o the remaining days in their life with such positive attitude. Being a parent now i can completely understand the author’s feelings and state of mind. A parent’s only concern is – how would my kids do without me?  How would they remember me? how would they know what all i wanted to tell them, to share with them? There is no limit to what one wants to share and tell their kids, an untimely death of a parent snatches away a huge part of kids’ life. The very though of my daughter growing up without me brings a lump in my throat…so the fact that Randy wanted to create as much written and visual material as possible, to may aid his kids to know what he thought of them, what he wanted to tell them, what kind of a person he was etc, makes perfect sense.

So as i said, the intention and the spirit behind the book is awesome and at all the above places it does succeed in connecting with the reader.

However, the material inside the book is not that great. There is nothing spectacular about the wisdom/ stories shared in the book, to make it deserve so much attention and hype. Except for a couple of chapters, most part of the book is quite unimpressive. After reading every chapter (which by the way are pretty short) you end up thinking- oh! so that was it…hmm…ok. To me it felt as if the author has forcefully tried to convert some incidents into life’s lessons, when actually there are none!! The only line in the book which stayed with me after reading it was- Never make a decision until you have to! I liked this.

The other part of the book which i found annoying was- the author himself. The way he has described himself, he comes across as someone very arrogant and know all kind of person. Someone not very user friendly.

Overall, an over hyped book, with tall promises but low on content. Skip-able if you have something better to read.

Rating- 2/5


K’s birth story- Part 1(Our journey upto the D Day)

My pregnancy was a pretty smooth one. Except for the first trimester nausea, i sailed through the remaining months smoothly. There were few jolts here and there like sugar levels on higher side etc, but all was manageable.

Since the time i had imagined or wanted a baby, i could never bring myself to terms with a normal delivery. I came to know about epidural, and was a bit relieved that if we have to go the normal way, epidural would come to my rescue. However, deep inside i was still praying that a c- section happens, and i can be relieved of anything remotely related to labor pain. (That C-Sec comes with its own sets of problems was something totally unknown to me!).

My actual due date was around 6th of April, and i was planning to work till 15th March.  We went for a regular checkup on 14th March- with the Doppler scan to our gynae. She checked me physically also, and suggested that water levels are low. (its called amniotic fluid, in which the baby is actually swimming all the time when inside..:). My AFI index- (Amniotic Fluid Index) was on the lower side.

Doc suggested that i take complete rest and we will wait for another week. If the fluid levels do not increase, we will have to go for delivery. How, she did not specify, neither did i ask. Around my 7th month i had already communicated to her that i would want to go for a c-sec, and she had assured me that she will not let me suffer with any pain and would take care. Epidural was what she was referring to. Anyway, we came back home, and i started preparing myself mentally for the big day now!

I applied for one week leave that day and felt a bit weird. I had practically nothing to do. Mails coming on BB, but i was not expected to respond…this sudden change was a bit awkward. However, little did i know that this is just the beginning of the changes i would be up for in the coming days.

 My MIL came to stay with us the next day. She was the one who would be with me after the first few weeks of delivery. On 20th morning, we prepared ourselves for leaving for the hospital as per doc’s appointment.  The doc asked for an ultrasound which reflected that AFI index was further down. So here we were…:) I was to undergo a c-section in another couple of hours. We went back home to collect the kit for preserving cord blood and tissue and headed to the hospital. Calls were made to both side of family and best wishes came form all sides. We reached hospital and the formalities etc started, my doc was yet to arrive and a junior doc there asked me to jot down my details in various forms, when suddenly she calculated the age of the baby inside and said, “but as per this this is just your 32nd week”..!!! Ok, now that was a i was sitting outside OT waiting for the child to come out, thinking that i am almost 37 and a half weeks, and suddenly i am pulled back into time with news that was definitely not good. For a moment i went numb!! Then the calculations were done again basis my last missed period, and she corrected herself…Thank God for that!

But the female had decided to screw my happiness for some more time. the anesthetist was called and she again started asking questions about my medical history etc; when i told her that i had a cyst on my spine which was discovered  2 years back and i have the MRI report. This was to give the anesthesia. So this was tricky….with any complication in the spinal cord, the anesthetist was not sure if a spinal anesthesia would work, and GA again is a tricky thing!! Added to this, just few days back i had read a story on the net, how a female had passed away during c sec because of over dose of GA given to her!!! So, this was getting a bit scary…..the optimist that i am, it took me very little time to imagine dying on the operation table and my baby being raised by either set of parents, as i had told husband at some point in time that if something happens to me during childbirth, the baby would be raised by preferably my parents- if not his,,:)….to which ofcourse he had not agreed…but little faith did i have in his abilities..:D

Anyway, it was decided that i would be given a GA and the doc the asked me to remove any rings etc i was wearing. I tried to remove the two rings i had on my fingers, when i discovered that i was all bloated due to weight gain and they would not come out. The staff asked a ward boy to get a cutter so that the rings could be cut and removed.

After waiting for like 15 minutes, two ward boys came, carrying a cutter on their shoulders, about 3 feet in length and not less that 15 kgs!!!! i almost fell off my chair laughing….:D…they had conveniently ignored what the cutter was needed for…and brought a cutter for some major cutting!!…I moved inside OT with both the rings on…:)

The operation started and i am told that K was out at exactly 3: 10 pm…:)

Thats when a new chapter started in our lives, the first few paras of which were too difficult for us to read through!!! K’s first 2-3 months and the much depressing breast feeding saga… be continued!!


This is my second blog. I have another blog- which is lying dormant for past few months- from the time i have been active on this one. The only difference between the two places is that, here i have (and plan to) maintained my anonymity, and the other one is known to all friends and family and has a FB link too.

After writing there for 3 years, i realized that I was actually writing for people who read it and not for myself. I was too guarded and seldom wrote what I actually wanted to; mainly because of the fear of being judged. Most posts there had humor at their core; because that is what most people have a perception about me- I am a fun loving humorous person; and i was trying to adhere to this image of mine in all my writings.

So while fun and humor is one dimension of my personality, and a very strong one, its still just one of the many other which are equally strong and dominant in my thoughts and behavior. So i decided that i will create this space where I can write my mind, write anything, everything….happy, boring, mundane…humorous….personal…everything- without my guards on..without worrying about the audience’s perception of me…:) And I am loving it!!

Break ke liye

This is a break post. I am writing another post, which was getting too heavy, so i decided to write another light post to take a break..:)

    • K is sleeping and I am in dire need of a change in wardrobe. None of my pre-pregnancy clothes are fitting me, and the ones which are, are either too boring or old!
    • I plan to watch Satyagrah today. I saw Madras cafe few days back and loved it. A very well made movie on a pretty recent political assassination. Another good work by Shoojit Sircar.
    • I plan to write CISSP ( Its a certification for security professionals). Now that I am on a break, better utilize this time to add to my skills. Right now researching on the same.
    • I really like this song from Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. Sukhvinder is an amazing singer, he infuses soul into such songs. He once came to our college during the annual fest. Apparently, he was so drunk while on stage that the dance group performing with him (from the college ofcourse) could not come near him. No wonder, he was wearing shades at night!! ..oh..the song first…
  • I need to buy a smart phone for my parents. The requirement is very weird- the phone has to be smart for them to be able to access internet- mainly whatsapp and skype (so that i can share K’s pictures with them on an hourly basis and they can watch her live whenever they want…:)). However, it should not be very complicated in terms of use. And when i say not very complicated- i mean it should as simple as possible for a smart phone! Tough job ahead!!
  • Today is an important day for husband. Some critical decision would be made for him at work. I have my fingers crossed

That’s it for now…cheers..:)