Updates- Aug 25

Update Bullets:

  • K is 5 months old and I am yet to buy any hair accessories for her..:( Her hair growth is good as in she has enough hair to be decorated by some clips and bands now. Therefore i made a purchase today on Firstcry. few nappies and a hairband and a hairclip. lets see how the stuff is, will order some more clips and bands once i get these.
  • This whole breastmilk thing- i have a whole lot of stuff in my head. Will write a separate post on it someday. However, just to clear my mind right now- I sometimes wonder why females have made breastfeeding also a way to display-“I am a better mom that you”!! Just like many other things some BF moms show as if they are ahead in the so called race of becoming better moms than those of us FF our babies! It just pisses me off!
  • I read somewhere few days back- “Do the right thing”. This is just so true. I mean yes, it is obvious; but most of the times we just follow the easier path which may or may not always be right. By simply doing what is the right thing to do in any situation, so many complications of life solve themselves on their own!
  • Till now i have not bought many clothes for K. She is primarily wearing all the stuff gifted to her by relatives and friends all this while. Now that the stock is going down; i need to make some purchases for her. Just that i am a bit confused as to how many clothes/ dresses for the baby are enough!! One thing i am sure of is that i will not be spending too much on her clothes because in this growing stage, she outgrows her clothes almost every 15 days.
  • WhatsApp has come up with this new voice recording option. One can record message and send. Its very convenient and user friendly feature since it does not require one to type message any more. I have been using it very actively with a friend based in Canada. Every time i record a message for her, i play it again to hear my voice. And what i have realized is that i sound terrible on phone..:( and thats because i have a habit of speaking very fast, and i tend to do a lot of hmms in between….i also leave one sentence in between and use random phrases and begin another sentence…!! I need to correct this. And i have decided that now on while WhatApping this friend, i will be very careful about how i speak. I do not want K to pickup this speaking style.
  • Rest all is ok and same. There would be some updates on my work front- as in my extended ML and which group i will join after joining back work; but still awaiting some confirmations on that.



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