Sabbatical Checklist

ha!!..So it seems that i would be on a sabbatical for few more months. Though it was not our first choice, but the turn of events has been such that I may not be able to operate from home as expected and would be on leave till K turns one. In my heart of hearts, i am quite happy. Who does not want to look after one’s own kid, rather than leaving her with some one else. Finances will have to be kept under control though, so a tough time there, but i guess we will be able to manage.
Among other things which will take up most of my time in the coming few months- most of which is taking care of K, i want to use this time in making certain changes in myself- In my behavior, in my skills, in my overall personality. Following are the ares which need attention and correction. In this post i would identify the areas which i need to work on during the coming few months:

  • 1st and foremost- health. regular exercise– each day, every day. Also, shedding the extra pregnancy kilos…:)
  • A more organized home. More monitoring of maids, less wastage of food, organized cupboards and cabinets, even usage of K’s clothes and ensuring that she wears all of them before they become too small for her.
  • Taking time out to bring some variety into my kitchen. We follow a very predictable menu at our home. May be it has something to do with the fact that in my own home- that is my parents home, i have always seen my mother cooking the same old dishes again and again with practically no change thrown in. My father was actually not very fond of variety, he preferred simple khana. Hence, i have also picked up following a very same menu every week. Time to bring some variety there!
  •  Practice Yoga, and bring some thehraav in my behavior. Developing the habit of listening” This is something which is very very important in my personal and professional life. I can mess anything and everything by just being impatient to listen and speak first. I have got this feedback multiple times, and now i guess its high time i act on it.
  • Learning to Drive–  I enrolled myself in a driving class 2 years back. paid money and did not complete the course. Did not practice and hence no driving was learnt. But in the coming few months, this is one skill that i HAVE to acquire.
  • And last but not the least, bring back blogging to my daily routine. I need to read more and write more and the sabbatical would be incomplete without giving time to these two activities!

Wish me luck if you are reading this. I will measure my progress against each item in this checklist and also keep posting update posts to formally track my progress.


I will use this


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