K ki neend

I have a query. How do mostly people put their 3-4 months to sleep? Are the babies put in the crib and they sleep on their own? Or we are still on with the age old method of rocking and lullaby to put them to sleep? K is 3.5 months and has already developed the habit of sleeping only in my laps. No matter how sleepy or tired she is, she makes it a point to cry loudly when she needs to sleep and the indication is to put her in laps and start rocking. While this is ok for now as i am on leaves, i am not very sure if this would be the best method in the coming days as well.I do plan to buy a crib going forward, that is once i am back in Gurgaon, but not very sure if she would stay put in that.

Pls share your stories, how are you doing it?

On the other front, she has also started sucking her thumb. Now this is a habit i am scared of. Though a cousin of mine says that this is ok as children try to explore the whole world through their mouths, and since she has just discovered her hands, sucking them is ok. But still i am confused….is pacifier an option?  I am not very sure of that also, as generally people are seen discouraging that. Pls share your views, if any mommy happens to read this.

Other than that the little baby is a bundle of joy..:) she smiles and laughs and kicks and makes me love her even more with every passing moment. her grandparents are back from their Euro trip, and have brought few clothes for her. All excited to see her wearing those…:) K has also started interacting a lot…she makes sounds and acknowledges our presence…mum dad are showering their love on her like anything….:)


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