Just Like that…

As I mentioned before, I am at my Mom’s place since past few months, owing to the little angel we have in our lives now..:) I am staying at parents place for more than  a month after almost 10-12 years. Last when I spent so much time here was before i had ventured out to study further…post that the visits have been only during college holidays and after that only once or twice a year..during diwali/ holi etc.  Things have changed a lot in the past 15 years or so…the other day i was walking on the terrace at late evening and suddenly the power went off. I noted it because the street lights also went off…however, there was no commotion like there use to be years ago. In almost all homes, invertors picked up and i could hardly see any souls on the terrace. This took me back to my school days when the scene after power off use to be very different. Hardly any homes had invertors/ generators…and even if there were ..the battery was saved for late nights…and in the evenings terrace use to be the common adda for all after any power failure incident. The whole colony use to be up on the terrace and hours were spent chatting away to glory… papas discussing political issues, kids playing antakshari…and mommy’s fanning themselves away to sleep. However, things have changed a lot since then; now almost everyone owns a battery backup. Power off means no such commotion and no terrace gatherings. People stay put in their homes..no carrying of folding cots and mosquito nets to the terrace, no chahal pehal at late night hours… It feels like a huge change….these gatherings use to be an integral part of our socializing those days. Many things have actually changed in the last 10-15 years ….the sabziwallah has a mobile, even our gardener who is hardly able to meet ends carries a mobile…and obviously no talking about maids…many of them have two cell phones!!….But i still miss the yesteryear’s terrace interactions….


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