Baby K Updates- 2 and some more

First thing first- Baby K has been doing a lot since the past few days. She turned 3 months on 20th and is growing with every day. Best part is she recognizes me now..:) she knows that me as the lady who gives milk…:D She cycles with her legs all the time, smiles a lot at the calendar we have in the room and finds her hanging toys the most attractive objects on this earth.  Cries loudly when she needs to sleep, and i guess this is the only bad habit she has as of now…she needs a “godi” to sleep. Either me or mom have to rock her to sleep…which sometimes takes more that 2 hours..:( I have not been able to make her sleep on her own.

Also, this month end I plan to move back to Gurgaon. till now K has been sleeping with me on the bed. However, once back home i am considering of buying a crib. But not very sure if she will be able to adapt to a crib at 4 months of age. I got her a Fisher Price rocker few days back, but unfortunately she has not been enjoying it a lot. She does sits in it for some time- but generally not more than 30-40 minutes at a stretch….so i am not very confident of a crib as well. Any suggestions in this area are welcome.

This is the last month of my stay at mum dad’s place. I have been here since April, when K was not even 1 month old. After school, this is the longest i have stayed here, and needless to say it feels great.  The love and support you get from your parents cannot be matched. mum dad love K like anything, especially her naanu. He has always been fond of kids,  but with K its something special, the other day he said that if it was for the reason that K would be away from her mom; he would have kept her with him and raised her..:) I am wondering how he would cope up once we leave.

I plan to update this place more regularly now. I have enjoyed writing and blogging for quite sometime now. But since last year, this activity was kind of neglected. I badly want to resume it. There is a blog marathon going around. i do not plan to formally be a part of it, but yes, to bring back some discipline to writing i do intend to write everyday for the month of July. Lets see how far i can go….


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