Of Monsoon and smiles…

Aha, so the monsoon is here on time this year. Its been raining heavily since past few days. No complains though; last year this part of the world had to wait till July for rain drops to appear. Only problem is baby K’s clothes need washing every day, and on an average there are 3-4 dresses and lots of nappies and sheets to be washed every day. Lack of sunlight may pose a huge problem of drying them. Baby K is growing with every passing day…:) She now makes sounds to call us when she needs to sleep. She has somehow formed this impression that sleeping can only happen in mommy or nani’s lap. So when she needs to sleep she starts calling us in her baby language…:) rest of the time when well fed and happy she generally spends her time playing with her toys hanging from the back of bed. 

That also reminds me that i need to fill her baby book; before i start forgetting her milestone dates…:) She also smiles now, not much at us, but beautifully when she looks at the fan and her toys. Its so much fun watching her toothless smile every time she sees a moving object like fans and calendars..:)

The only tension now i have is of my low milk supply. I am not being able to have her breastfeed exclusively. She is on supplements too, to my disappointment. I am not sure how to have enough milk for her. All desi remedies have been tried and tested; not much of help but. My maternity leaves end on 18th June; have requested for extended leaves- lets see what happens. 

Today is Father’s day, and i sent husband a nice Garbagebin mug from baby K’s side. He was happy to receive it…:) 



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