Baby K Diary- 1

So its been almost 2 and a half months that baby K arrive din our lives. Its been a roller coaster ride till now…full of stress dotted by fun moments here and there. She looks a big girl now compared to the tiny little creature with dilated eyes who was handed on to us on March 20th. She can recognize her mommy and her grand parents, her physical activity now includes cycling with her legs vigorously and moving her hands all over her face all the time, sometimes clutching her hair with her one hand and looking at the roof/ fan constantly….basically she has started adjusting to this new world and started getting closer to normal human beings. She smiles, sometimes at us and sometimes at angels (my mom says little babies her age are visited by angels very often…:))..all in all…i feel that post the first three months of her life, she would be a decent kid to deal with. And needless to say, i am happy that this first 3 months phase is passing quickly….this had been a stressful time for mommy. I was having challenges breastfeeding her (low milk production) and the disappointment was huge. So huge that i use to dread her waking up, because i was always short of supply and feeding her formula use to depress me. Not that things have improved a lot, but now i have made my peace with it. Hopefully my child will grow into a healthy baby and will not have any problems as such.

I have been at  my parents place since April 13th. This is first time in last 15 years that i am spending so much time with them at a stretch, and i know this may not happen again. Thoroughly enjoying this stay at home; there is nothing like parents’ love; its truly unconditional. This stay has also helped me understand my parents’life a little better. All these years, though we have been visiting each other quite often, but staying in hostel, then job and marriage had kind of distanced me from their life challenges. Though I knew everything what was happening in their life, but this stay has given me a chance to help them sort out few things. They are getting old and insecurities of old age are creeping in. My dad shares everything in great detail with me…his opinion, his ideas, his finances etc…everything. Will write a detail post on parents separately. 

Husband is missing us badly. He wants me to return by June end, but i have planned to extend this stay till July. K would be 4 months by then, and a bit easier to handle i hope. Now that she has started recognizing me, and reacts on seeing me, i feel much more connected to my little baby. Honestly speaking up till now, it was like handling a live baby doll- feeding, burping and putting to sleep. It was quite boring as well. But now things have started to change…she smiles at us, her eyes follow me when i leave the room, she gestures at me to pick her and put in my lap. Till now she appears to be a calm and composed baby; not much of a trouble giver. Rest we’ll see in days to come….:)



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