Hi there!- Part 1

So its been five and a half months now…:) Yes, i am in the sixth month of pregnancy, and need less to say enjoying it to the core.

Sometimes i find it difficult to believe that i am actually carrying a baby, and would be a mom very soon. I had heard and read many stories about motherly love and how things start changing after a baby, i guess i have started feeling many of them even now. The feeling of having a little cute cuddly thing growing inside you is truly awesome in every sense of the word.

The day i first saw the little one moving inside me, in my level 1 scan, i must say i was choked. A tiny little life of the size of my finger moving inside me made me numb for a few seconds. Husband and I came out of the scan room in total silence, and then looked at each other with so much joy and happiness, it was a rare occasion. Now i understand why they say this is the greatest joy of life!! touch wood.

The baby has started moving inside, sometimes its funny, other times i feel like the little monster is pulling the umbilical cord…and many a times its stressful also, when some days, there is no activity inside for hours. I feel like having an ultrasound equipment at home, to keep checking if everything is alright inside, whenever i feel like!!

One of husband’s cousin gifted me a baby book. Its blue in color, and apparently meant for baby boys. I am so tempted to start filling it with pictures of ultrasound etc, but then i also feel like waiting for the baby to come in this world, so that i can relate back and write…

The funny stuff will start now, when the time comes to decide the name of the baby. Till now after multiple rounds of discussions nothing has materialized. Whatever i propose, husband refuses, and he comes up with names, which remind me of old school/ college classmates whom i either never liked, or was never very fond of. The other day i was telling husband, that chances are that the kid will have name herself on her own when she grows up, because her headstrong parents will not be able to zero in on a name!!

Wish me luck and loads of it for the remaining 3.5 months to go smooth and peaceful..:)



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