Of lipsticks

As the title suggests, i am a huge fan of skirts and duppattas in any size, shape and color. And offlate i think a new rage can be added to this list, and that is Lipsticks. Among all the stuff which falls in the make up category- i guess i love lipsticks the most and that too which are shades of pink. And that also reveals that Pink is my favorurite color. While shopping for my wedding- and that happened like over a period of 1.5 years- i bought different sarees at differet places at different time. Eventually when i took a stock of my collection- it revealed, that 9 out of 10 times, the saree was a different shade of pink!!

Anyway, i digress- so these days, i am on a lipstick collection spree. A dear friend has started a styling blog- some inspiration from there and some from husband; i carry one or the other hsades of pink in my pocket all the time..:)

Lipsticks do add a glow on the face- and help enhace the look. I read somewhere long time back that lipsticks are sign of a confident woman!!…Big statement, but confidence or o confidence- lipsticks do add that tinge of self awareness and conciousness to the look.

Here in Delhi- there is a shop called Inglot in Select City Walk, Saket. It has a collection of only eye shadows, lipsticks and nailpaints. Man!! Its a treat to go there on a weekend. ALL possible shades of all possible colors in across the three said make up products. One has cjoice galore. I bought a magenta shade from there some time back. though never got a chance to apply it, but even sauntering through that shop is an experience in  itself.

And what else- ikt seems i still do not have any readers of this space. Will keep writing. I have another blog which is fairly public, so i created this space to write all on which i do not want to be judged…:)

And on this note, would like to share this song…;-)



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