Socialising the Mon-Chandler way!

Our social life in Gurgaon sucks. Sucks as in SUCKS big time. When we moved here last year; husband’s best friend from school was staying close by. The guy had a pretty decent entertainment value and we use to meet almost every weekend. In Aug last year, barely 3 months of us moving to Ggn, the couple moved to UK. So we were left with only two friends -one mine and one his in ggn. Given the very low entertainment quotient of my friend and supreme weirdness of his; we practically have only his relatives to socialise with, who stay in Noida and the likes. And given the uncool relatives my dear husband has, we choose to go there only when the situation is unavoidable, or only when it becomes like….”Bhai shaadi ke baad to beta badal gaya..”…

However, this December another of husband’s friend moved to NCR and took up a place in Dwarka. So Dwarka being a closer locality, i felt great..that now at least we would have some social life..(yes we are so a Monica Chandler couple that ways…nobody wants to socialise with us..sob!!)…Given the fact that his parents also moved with him pretty soon, that avenue also kinda got closed for us…Though we did meet up a couple of times..but no significant change in the status!!

Today however, he called in the morning saying that he would be coming to Ggn in the evening, so we can meet. I was totally joyous. Since the guys is really funny, i was really happy that we would have decent Sat evening. To give a background- we that is Husband and me stay in this house and our respective sisters also stay with us. Now no matter how much i like mine and he his; the arrangement is not in the best inetersts of our family (that is the two of us). More on that later. And since its been more thna on eyear that we have been married, and we are really not the “bas tum ho to aur kya chahiye” types….any friends visitors with a decent entertainment value are more than welcome anytime..:)

So the movie plan for the evening was cancelled, as i did not want to exploit both my entertainment options together!!

The maid was asked to leave without cooking dinner as we planned to order from outside. The ghar was re-cleaned and most importantly the spirits were high, that there would be some good laughing etc….until, husband broke the news at around 5:30 PM..L is not coming; he is somewhere in Rajouri, in some pub down with three beers, and cannot make it today!!!

Man, sigh!! We ordered from dominos, had a fight over some silly thing, watched Little Champs on TV and were done for the day….But i really wish to have some people around to hang out with. It gets really boring all akele akele all the time….Does it happen with you guys also, or is it only us who need some added entertainment dozes frequently??

PS: For those who are not watching Little Champs on Zee TV. Please do so. Adnan Sami is a judge and should i say he is just so so cute and charming!! I have a mild crush on him already..:)


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