Guests and washroom!!

How does it feel when you spend a good one hour every weekend to clean your bathroom, scrub it, sani-fresh it, wipe it and then also spend some good 2 minutes (or sometimes more) to just admire the fruits of your hard work and the only week when you are not well and the house is more or less in a mess, husband’s mamiji (known to be the most sugar-coated khadoos female of the family) and mamaji come over almost unannounced..:O..:(..:O

Though i i had heard it many times, but when first time MIL visited us after marriage for the first time last year, one thing (among innumerable others) she very sternly pointed out was that the washroom and kitchen should be two places which should be kept absolutely clean as they reflect how efficient and organized the lady of the house it…Agreed. Washroom and kitchen must be kept clean at all times. Not that before that my kitchen or bathroom were a mess, but i started paying some special attention to the bathroom after that and specially the wash basin and the commode saw a lot of  blue in form of harpic and sanifresh. 

As luck would have it, today morning when mamiji came; the washroom was definitely not in its most presentable form..:(…there were clothes on our bed, as yours truly had just got up and the bed was not yet made…and i was in no mood to tell the guests that the lady of the family that is their bahu that is moi is keeping a bad back since last 10-15 days now…:(..I hate such situations…..i actually work so hard to keep the washroom cleanest and saafest…and the only time when guests come to visit…its not even half as clean..:(



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