New theme!

For how many people is it important to have the layout of the blog correct before actually start writing something. For me, it is. I created this new blog, and since yesterday have been going through all the themes WP has to offer. I just cannot start writing, till the time the layout, colors and writing space in the theme is as per my linking. I like themes which are wider, which provide more writing space, which have a very neat font which appeals to the eyes. After previewing all the available 123 themes on WP at least thrice, i have zeroed down on this for the time being. :D,  yes i might change this the moment i find something better…:)

I am working from home these days, and technically should be working right now as per the office hours. I am keeping a very bad back these days, and was supposed to meet the ortho today, but now plan to go tomorrow; reason-sheer laziness!!

I somehow cannot find the tab used for justifying the text in my writer, is there something wrong or i need to install some new buttons?? .Yes..i found it now, somehow unjustified text annoys me….

And that reminds me, I have to take bath before husband is home, as he plans to go to the temple today, as he (yes he and not We..:O,  i guess i need to do a review of my marriage, he has still not graduated to Us..x-( ) is debt free after long, and he had mango-ed this mannat that he’ll go to the temple once this happens..:)

Bbyes blog..:)



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