The first post…

This is my first post on this new blog of mine. I already have a blog which i love dearly and try to be as regular as possible. However, offlate i realised that i wanted to have an anonymous space. I want to rant out some stuff and feelings without the fear of getting judged by those who know me well and would tend to read this, without straining my grey cells to find an apt title for my posts so that it looks a funny read, without trying hard to appear humorous, and most importantly without having to think before i write anything….

While maintaining two blogs is not very easy with a full time job and a husband and household to look after, but i have this feeling, that this is going to be the more active of the two places from now on..:)

Welcome to the world of skirts and dupattas, a sneak peek into the life of a 30 years professional, living in Gurgaon with the most confused head around..:)


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